Kylie Jenner Invited Justin Bieber To Go To Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

Sounds like things are really getting serious with Kylie and Justin! After he brought her along to Vegas for Floyd Mayweather's fight on May 3, has learned that there's a good chance they'll be going to Kim's wedding together! Paris better get ready! As if there wouldn't be enough A-listers at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's upcoming wedding, Kim's little sis Kylie Jenner, 16, actually asked Justin Bieber to be her date, we've learned at exclusively.

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Kylie Jenner Invited Justin Bieber To Kim’s Wedding

“Kylie told Selena that she wanted them both to go to her sister’s wedding in Paris and by now she’s probably asked Justin to go and be her guest of honor,” an insider close to the “Come & Get It” singer told exclusively.

However, the source added that while it’s definitely a diss to Selena, who Kylie got really close to before snagging Justin away, it’s also a diss to Jaden Smith, who was rumored to be dating Kylie, and is one of Justin’s best friends.

Justin & Kylie’s Hook Up Is ‘All About Feeding Their Egos’

It will be surprising if Justin agrees to the wedding. If so, it could just be for the party — another source told us recently that they’re not about to start a relationship.

“Justin just wants to add to his numbers and conquests and he knows she is totally cool with that,” the insider said. “Kylie’s main booty call is Jaden and their intentions were to not get him mad. They didn’t care about Selena’s feelings because Justin knows he can always get her back. For Kylie and Justin to hook up, it was all about feeding their egos only, they are so jaded that this is how they run their lives.”

Well, if they go, we know that their egos would love the attention they’d get. What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Should Justin go to Kim’s wedding with Kylie? Let us know!

— written by Emily Longeretta, reporting by Sandra Clark

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