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‘Resurrection’ Season Finale Recap: Sheriff Fred Turns On The Returned

Sun, May 4, 2014 11:05pm EDT by 36 Comments

The Season 1 finale of ‘Resurrection’ is a total game changer! As the number of the returned rises to more than 75, Sheriff Fred and more Arcadians turn on their resurrected neighbors in a cruel and unexpected way. Here’s what went down.

Tonight’s episode of Resurrectiontitled “Torn Apart,” was the most chilling and intriguing one to date! Find out what happened during the suspenseful May 4 finale right here.

‘Resurrection’ Season Finale Recap — Sheriff Fred Turns On The Returned

The shocking return of Maggie’s mother and Fred’s wife, Barbara, on last week’s episode has a devastating impact on Fred. Barbara, who drowned 30 years ago while trying to save Jacob, is back and she has been hiding out at Sam’s house to avoid seeing Fred. She tells Maggie that she’s afraid to see him because of his “dark” side but Maggie insists that she face the music. Barbara agrees to see Fred, but only to tell him that it’s still over between them.

Fred seems to be cool with this, and even tells Barbara, “It was a long time ago.” When he gets back to his house, he watches an old home video of Barbara with an infant Maggie. It seems like an understandable bittersweet moment but then Fred totally goes off the deep end!

He goes to see the feds, who are in town because Bellamy had called for help from his boss in Washington. The army brought supplies and reinforcements for the Arcadians, who they were led to believe had fallen victim to a power outage. But Fred plants a spiteful seed, telling Colonel Stone that the returned are actually dangerous beings who are not in fact real people. Colonal Stone is alarmed, and he and Fred begin working on a plan to “protect the living.”

Meanwhile, Bellamy and the Langstons are having dinner with the returned African-American family that Jacob met in last week’s episode when Henry gets a robocall saying that all returned people need to report to the school gym immediately to give officials their information and get a flu shot. Bellamy seems suspicious (as he should be), and calls Fred to see what this is all about.

Bellamy tells the Lanstons to stay put and later, at the gym, he tries to save the African-American family but a guard standing watch at the door refuses to let them pass. He uses his weapon to force them back in, saying, “No returned can leave the gym.” Bellamy’s suspicions are confirmed and he tells Maggie that her father is trying to trap all of the returned in the gym.

Maggie realizes that the list she and Ward have been keeping of all of the returned people — which includes her mother — could put them all in danger. Even though he knows it will destroy all of their hard work, Ward does the right thing and tells Maggie to rip up the list. 

‘Resurrection’ Recap: The Returned Escape

Things are looking pretty dire when suddenly a fire alarm goes off and the returned start swarming out of the building. Fred runs over and says that there’s no fire, closing the door and trapping the remaining returned in the gym. He tells the deputy that they can’t allow the people to escape, and the deputy gets upset because he was only trying to protect the returned. He says he has a loved one in the gym and throws his badge at Sheriff Fred.

Fred responds by pulling another nutso move, returning to the jail and letting Rachael’s deranged killer, Gary, out of his cell.

Back at the Langstons, Bellamy intercepts Deputy Carl, locking him in the back of a police car, and explains the situation to Henry and Lucille. They’re terrified and they ask Bellamy to help Jacob escape. Fred shows up moments after Bellamy and Jacob take off, and he tells Lucille and Henry that the feds are forcing all of the returned into a camp and that there’s nothing he can do about it. Way to take responsibility, Fred!

Fred even has the nerve to say that they’ll thank him for this some day, and Lucille responds by slapping him across the face — way to go, Lucille! But Fred just turns the other cheek and sends his men in to search the house.

‘Resurrection’ Recap: Bellamy Meets Bugs

Sheriff Fred returns to the gym to find the guards handcuffing people and holding anyone who tries to escape up at gunpoint. He starts to realize that he may have made a huge mistake when Colonel Stone reveals that they’re not taking the returned to a camp, but instead quarantining everyone in the gym.

And when Maggie refuses to comply with the men, they handcuff her and take her away. Fred desperately calls out to Maggie, saying, “I’ll fix this.” But she fires back, “Haven’t you done enough?”

Meanwhile, Bellamy is driving away with Jacob but just when he thinks they’re in the clear, he stops dead in the road when they come across what appears to be a huge mound of dead bugs. Bellamy gets out to investigate and a bug flies up to him, hovering right in front of him. Suddenly a helicopter and several cars appear out of nowhere, surrounding Bellamy and Jacob. Jacob clings to his savior, and the camera focuses on a strange white scar on the back of Bellamy’s neck. What does it all MEAN? Guess we’ll have to watch Season 2 to find out!

So HollywoodLifers, did you like tonight’s episode? Will you watch Resurrection next season? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Tierney McAfee

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