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‘Are You The One’ Reunion Recap: [SPOILER] Gets Engaged

Wed, April 2, 2014 12:58am EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 9 Comments

‘Are You The One’ aired its raunchy reunion tonight, bringing closure to MTV’s breakout hit. Some of the reality stars were fighting, other housemates were cheating on their matches and one couple got engaged!

The April 1 Are You The One reunion special was out of control. Lots of yelling, countless fights, one naked selfie and one diamond ring. Yep! Someone popped the question on national TV. Keep reading to find out who put a ring on it!

‘Are You The One’ Reunion — Who Got Engaged?!


The latest reality show of our generation has finally spoken — with four simple words. “Will you marry me?”

That’s right! The April 1 reunion special of Are You The One brought on holy matrimony (well, not quite) and it’s no April Fools joke. After a heated season of hanky panky, drunken debauchery and almost as many fights as we used to see on Jersey Shore, two lovebirds closed the curtain on Season 1 with an encore of love.

So who got engaged?

Amber and Ethan!!!

The perfect match wrapped up the episode with Ethan getting down on one knee, shocking all of his former housemates, and putting a huge rock on Amber’s finger. Tears of happiness were abound and we almost forgot about the trainwreck that was the hour prior…

…No, we didn’t!

What’s Up With The Other Couples?

We’re so happy for Ethan and Amber, but what happened to all of the other couples? The entirety of the reunion special was a mess of shocking revelations.

To start off, Jacy and John got at each other’s throats and, of course, Scali stepped in.

Dillan and Coleysia, who were the very first match of the series, sadly are no longer together. There are still major lingering feelings there, and Coleysia cried. “I think there could be something,” Dillan said. “I’m willing to explore all kinds of options with Coleysia and see where that goes.”

Another sad story: Ashleigh and Dre. Turns out, Simone and Dre hooked up (like really hooked up) the last night in the house, after they group achieved a perfect ten and won their money, and Ashleigh found out just a week before the reunion taped! Of course, Simone was overly candid about this, admitting that they had sex.

Even juicier? Dre is still technically married to his wife, as TMZ previously reported, although he’s separated, and he sternly said that the “technicalities” were no one else’s business. Oh yeah, he also has a two-year-old kid.

Kayla proved that she wasn’t just an attention whore throughout the season, but when cameras are out at all times — and then some. While she was sitting directly beside her perfect match Wes, Kayla admitted to visiting Ryan at his home in Colorado where they “smashed” numerous times.

Oh, and be mindful of the fact that Ryan’s match Jess was sitting right next to him! So what about Jess and Ryan? Not to worry — Jess visited good ol’ Colorado, too! But unlike the “moral” Kayla, she and Ryan did not hook up because she’s admittedly prude. Instead, they just enjoyed a nice visit together in Ryan’s hometown.

At this point, Adam randomly chimed in, saying that Kayla’s underwear was found all over their house. Woah! (Wait, Adam and Ryan live together?)

Speaking of Adam, Brittany is still obsessed with him. So obsessed that she says she’s been talking to his family! She crazy-talked about them being a perfect match to which Adam responded, “I don’t f****** like you!” Classic.

Adam also admitted his attraction to his perfect match Shanley, who respectfully declined. Come on, guys, she’s with Chris! Or so we think…

Shanley And Chris Are Still Together, But It’s Complicated

Fan favorite couple Shanley and Chris shocked the masses at the reunion. In fact, if it weren’t for Ethan’s proposal to Amber, they would have taken the top WTF prize.

Long story short, the duo fell madly in love during the entire season, but it was too much too soon so they broke up after filming wrapped. (Yes, we were shocked, too.) They were on-and-off, but in the off time, Paige took advantage of Chris (yes, we know it takes two to tango), and started sexting him! The best part? MTV showed a nearly naked pic of Paige on the big screen! Bikini-clad for all the world to see, Paige looked proud to have stomped on Shanley’s man. Whatever.

In the end, Shanley stood by Chris, blaming Paige for sending the dirty texts in the first place, but not without a fight. Shanley and Chris had a little lovers’ quarrel on set, but admitted that they both are still madly in love with each other.

For all of you worrying about their happily-ever-after, EXCLUSIVELY learned that Shanley and Chris are still together — they told us themselves when they visited our Times Square studio! Now, Shanley’s revelation that she’s none too fond of Paige makes perfect sense! (We interviewed the couple after the reunion special had filmed.)

HollywoodLifers, are you surprised by all of the hookups and breakups that were revealed during the reunion? Let us know which couple was your favorite this season!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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