Zac Efron: Was He Up To No Good Before Skid Row Attack?

Zac Efron is recovering after being viciously punched in the face while hanging out in L.A.'s Skid Row on March 23. While fans are very concerned about his well-being, they're also wondering what he was doing in such a dangerous area so late at night. A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that the actor should have known better. Zac Efron may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time when he was allegedly attacked by a homeless man -- but the real question is, what was he doing there in the first place? Zac has claimed that he and his bodyguard ran out of gas shortly after midnight, and were forced to stop in Skid Row, an area notoriously known for its drug deals and gang activity. But is it possible the actor, who did two stints in rehab for a reported drug addiction in 2013, was up to no good before the attack?

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Zac Efron In Skid Row — Was He Up To No Good Before Attack?

Zac, 26, has been living in Los Angeles for years, and he should have known better than to ever go near Skid Row, especially at such a late hour, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Zac Efron: If You Need Help — Get It ASAP

“Regardless what part of the city you are in, you avoid Skid Row. Even if he was telling the truth about running out of gas, there are plenty of options to get to safety, especially if you are a celebrity,” the source explains. “Common sense eventually has to set in. You walk towards the area of downtown near Staples Center and get help. You can contact Uber, which everyone in the world has. Or for someone like Zac, you call a friend or a handler to come get you, among ten million other things and options. Plus, he was with someone, so that even adds more options.”

Zac Efron Spotted With A Vaporizer After Skid Row Fight

Zac did two stints in rehab for a reported drug addiction in 2013, according to the Huffington Post. Another source confirmed to People that the actor had completed the treatments — telling the magazine at the time that Zac “is doing great,” and “he’s taking care of himself and it shows.”

But our well-placed source tells us that Zac is still struggling.

“There are a lot of fears for Zac right now,” the insider says. “He’s struggling to stay sober. This has been an ongoing battle, his partying has been out of control for years, no one realized because he’s one of those guys that was able to keep it all very hidden and he always managed to keep it together in public. He’s doing all this PR lately and looks great but unfortunately he’s still battling demons.”

Zac Efron’s Bodyguard Claims Actor Saved His Life In Skid Row Attack

The important thing for right now is that Zac is safe. Regardless of why he was in Skid Row, his bodyguard, who was with him at the time of the attack, says Zac was a true hero that night.

When transients allegedly came at Zac’s bodyguard with a spear and stabbed him in in the face, stomach and chest, Zac bravely stepped into harm’s way to help and ended up getting punched in the mouth, the bodyguard tells TMZ in a new interview.

So what do you think, HollywoodLifers? Was Zac up to no good before his Skid Row attack? Let us know!

— Tierney McAfee

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