‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap — Jenelle Evans Has Emergency Surgery

On the March 11 episode of 'Teen Mom 2,' Jenelle Evans is forced to deal with her mom's drama while recovering from emergency surgery. Jenelle Evans just can't catch a break. On tonight's episode of Teen Mom 2, her boyfriend Nathan Griffith gets into a fight her mom Barbara Evans while she is in the hospital for an emergency appendectomy .

Jenelle Evans Surgery
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Jenelle Has Emergency Surgery

Jenelle, who is still trying to get pregnant with her boyfriend Nathan, experiences some nasty stomach pains. When the pain gets worse instead of better, Nathan brings her to the emergency room where she finds out that she needs an emergency appendectomy. Obviously Nathan calls Jenelle’s mom, Barbara, to let her know what’s going on, but while Jenelle is undergoing her surgery Nathan and Barbara get into a huge fight. After Barbara ditches Jenelle at the hospital, Nathan ends up being the one to nurse her back to health. This only makes matters worse, and soon enough Barbara is leaving Jenelle nasty voice mails complaining that she’s her mother and she took off of work to take care of her. Jenelle is already back at home in her own bed trying to recover, but instead she focuses her energy on trying to mediate for her mom. Barbara tells Jenelle she’s suspicious of Nathan because she doesn’t trust him with Jenelle’s money, but Jenelle thinks Barbara is being paranoid and is instantly defensive of Nathan. Jenelle’s friend Tori is supportive of Nathan and even tries to help, but the three of them sit together and stir up a bunch of angst against Barbara.

On top of all of this, Courtland Rogers is finally released from jail. This is enough to push Barbara to want to make amends, because she’s nervous Courtland is going to come after Jenelle. Barbara comes over to wave a white flag and brings her son Jace to spend time with Jenelle while she continues recovering from her surgery. It’s only a matter of minutes before Barbara gets under Nathan’s skin, and the two of them start arguing. Nathan takes things a step too far when he blames Barbara for poor parenting choices and Jenelle’s heroin addiction. It’s like the two of them have completely forgotten that Jenelle is right there while they argue about her and all of her issues. Barbara tells Jace that he can’t visit with his mommy because she told his grandma to leave, which really makes us hope this fighting and swearing isn’t a regular occurrence around him.

‘Teen Mom 2’ Preview: Jenelle Evans’ Boyfriend Verbally Attacks Her Mom

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Leah Messer Gets Ali To Start School

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Leah is thrilled to finally get her daughter, Ali, enrolled in pre-school. Even though she’s starting a year early, it’s what the doctor’s recommended because Ali is going to have trouble keeping up with other kids her age due to her muscular dystrophy. Ali is already defying the doctor’s odds by walking on her own at school, but Leah is still taking precautions to make sure she is following the doctor’s orders. Ali’s father, Corey Simms, is originally very skeptical of Ali starting school early, but once he sees how much she enjoys it and how good it is for her. It’s always really refreshing to see Leah and Corey working together, along with Leah’s new husband Jeremy Calvert, and doing what’s best for their children. Co-parenting is not an easy thing to do, and Leah seems to be the most mature when it comes to the task at hand.

Kailyn Lowry Has 3 Weeks Until Her Wedding

I’m not sure how Kailyn keeps it all together. Not only is she just weeks away from her wedding, but she is getting close to having her second baby, she is traveling at least four hours round trip between her new home in Delaware and her old life in Pennsylvania, and she’s doing it all alone. During an appointment with her OBGYN, Kailyn discusses the option of saving her placenta and drying it out to take in pill form — something she read about on the internet that could be good for breast feeding and her post-par tum. Her doctor seems to think it’s unnecessary and tries to talk her out of it. When he finds out she’s moved two hours away, he encourages her to find an emergency back up option in case she goes into labor while in her new home state. Obviously, driving two hours while in labor isn’t recommended by many. After dropping her son Isaac off to spend time with her ex Jo Rivera, Kailyn spends quality time with her bridesmaids at a fitting for her wedding dress. Even though Kailyn looks beautiful in her dress, it’s definitely a little big, and she faces the issue that she’s very pregnant and the dress can only be taken in so much without risking it being too tight.

‘Teen Mom 2’ Preview: Kailyn Lowry Has Wedding Dress Drama

Chelsea Houska & Adam Continue To Fight Over Aubree

Nothing new here, as Adam Lind is still unhappy with his lack of visitation rights from Aubree‘s mom, Chelsea. Adam has lunch with a pal and explains that as much as Aubree loves spending time with him and her newborn sister, Paisley, Chelsea refuses to let them spend any real time together. Any time Adam tries to make plans for all of them, Chelsea will agree to them and then change her mind at the last minute. This really sucks for Adam, because if he decides to keep Aubree he will get into major trouble, so there’s not much he can do unless he gets a court to grant him real visitation rights. Adam files a visitation request through court, which means Chelsea and her dad Randy spend time with their lawyer filing an objection to the request. Randy reminds Chelsea that she doesn’t get much of a say in it, and he explains Adam’s request. It sounds like his request is pretty on par with other normal visitations, but Chelsea doesn’t think he deserves that. Chelsea has a bit of an emotional break down when she realizes how sad the whole situation is, and that Aubree will never know what she considers a “normal dad.” It really is sad, but maybe if she worked with Adam instead of against him for Aubree’s sake they would actually get somewhere.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Are you suspicious of Nathan like Jenelle’s mom is? Will Chelsea ever give Adam visitation rights? Let us know your thoughts below!

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