‘Biggest Loser’ Winner Rachel: I Exercise Up To Four Times A Day

Viewers were shocked by 'Biggest Loser' champ Rachel Frederickson's 155-pound weight loss but she insists that she made the transformation in a healthy way, by eating well and taking three or four workout classes a day. Do you think Rachel's exercise regimen is too much? When Rachel Frederickson weighed in at 105 on the Season 15 finale of The Biggest Loser, she became the first contestant in history to finish the show underweight. Fans have expressed concern over Rachel's extreme weight loss, but she says she is "absolutely" at a "healthy and sustainable" weight.

Rachel Frederickson Workout Routine
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Rachel Frederickson’s Workout Routine — ‘Biggest Loser’ Winner On Exercise

Rachel says she takes “maybe three, four classes a day” at the gym, including Zumba and spin. “I even went home over the holidays to Minnesota and I went running outside,” she told reporters during a conference call on Feb. 5, People reports.

‘Biggest Loser’ Revealed

The former competitive swimmer says she’s also maintaining her weight by following a diet developed by Biggest Loser dietitian Dr. Cheryl Forberg.

“I just continued to follow the support system that I had from The Biggest Loser‘s [diet] plan, Dr. Cheryl’s nutritional advice and … continued to eat super healthy,” Rachel said.

“First and foremost, my goals are to be healthy and strong,” she added when asked about the backlash over her weight loss. “I’m an athlete. I’ve been an athlete since I was a little girl. And I went on The Biggest Loser journey to find that confidence that I lost.”

‘Biggest Loser’: Dolvett Quince Breaks Silence On Rachel’s Weight Loss

Viewers (and trainers) were alarmed when Rachel debuted her new, frail-looking frame, but her trainer Dolvett Quince says viewers shouldn’t jump to any conclusions about what they saw.

“Please try not to look at once slice of Rachel’s journey and come to broad conclusions,” he wrote. “Rachel’s heath is and has always been my main concern, and her journey to good health has not yet ended!!”

Dolvett trained Rachel during her months on the ranch, but as Rachel said during an interview with reporters on Feb. 5, she had 3 1/2 months at home — months where she lost about 45 pounds of additional weight — without him.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Is Rachel’s workout regimen too much? Let us know.

— Tierney McAfee

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