Peter Facinelli: ‘I Would Love To’ Do Another ‘Twilight’ Movie

It seems like every movie gets a sequel -- so after five installments of the 'Twilight' series, could it get a sixth? If it were up to Peter Facinelli, who took on the very blond role of Dr. Cullen, there would be another movie! While he's pretty busy with his roles on Glee and Nurse Jackie, Peter Facinelli would make the time for the right role -- like another Twilight film.

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Peter Facinelli: I Want To Do Another ‘Twilight’

“I loved that character especially and that world,” Peter, 39, told exclusively at the Challenger Disaster premiere in New York on Nov. 14. He added that he would “definitely” be up for another movie if Stephanie Meyer wrote another book.

“I think it would be really fun to revisit that and I had such a great time making the series, so of course. I would love to do another film.”

The role he’s referring to is Carlisle Cullen, the father of Edward, which of course was played by Robert Pattinson. However, it wasn’t just Rob that Peter was close with — he refers to them all as a big family.

I’m a part of that family. We started from the beginning so the bonds there are for a family. And I may not see a Twilight member for a while, but when you see them, you pick up where you left off – there’s no awkwardness.  It’s like seeing a relative you haven’t seen for a while – you just get this happy family,” Peter told us at on Nov. 4.


“It was such big cast to get them in the same set. To bring everyone together – it’s like Thanksgiving dinner. It was a blast when we got to do that,” he added. Also at the event was Nikki Reed, who played Carlisle’s daughter, Rosalie, in the film. “Peter and I have dinner every other week,” she told us!

Peter: ‘Twilight’ Created An Unbreakable Bond

Peter didn’t just get close to the cast — but also to the Twi-hards!

“What I really appreciate about the Twilight saga is [that] it brought so many people together. Not just family members but people from around the world people who didn’t know each other,” he said at the event celebrating the Twilight Forever Blu-ray/ DVD box set. “Fan events, Twilight chat groups. . . They were brought by this love of the book and movie.”

He’s extremely appreciative of those fans, who have been through it all to see the stars of the movies.

“It’s really special. The fact that there’s fans outside in the cold – and they’re still here. All through these five years and books and movies. I know them by name and face, and I’ve seen some of these children grow. It’s been cool to be a part of that,” he added.

Well, as we’re all those fans — we wouldn’t be against another book by Stephanie and another movie! What do you think, HollywoodLifers?

— Reporting by Katie George, Written by Emily Longeretta

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