Kristen Stewart Flips Off Paparazzi — Stressed Out Because Of Work?

It looks like Kristen just wants to be left alone. She took a break from filming her new movie in Berlin and stopped at the Hackescher Markt, where she was photographed flipping off the camera upon leaving. Is she alright?It appears that Kristen Stewart may need to take a few more breaks from set! Is she overwhelmed with the filming of Sils Maria?

Kristen Stewart Flips Off Cameras
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Kristen Stewart Flips Off Photographers In Berlin

Well Kristen, that’s not very nice! However, we know Kristen has been busy filming continually in Berlin, so on Sept. 3, she most likely took a shopping break and wasn’t too revealed to see a paparazzi upon leaving, causing her to flip off the camera.

However, we’re happy to see that she was back on set on Sept. 4, looking sweet and stunning as usual. And, while it may have just been a moment of sadness — we’ve exclusively learned that Kristen is actually extremely happy right now in Berlin.

“Kristen is the happiest she’s been in a long time,” a friend of Kristen’s told exclusively. “She feels a sense of freedom being in Berlin and is having a really fun time on the set and just exploring the city and the countryside.”

Kristen Still Misses Robert Pattinson, But Staying Focused On Work

It’s nice to see that for the first time since her split with Robert Pattinson, Kristen really seems happy, and has friends to support her there in Berlin!

“[Her friends] are like her extended family and have been supporting her non-stop,” the source told us. “Her friends always remind her to not take life or herself too serious. They do a good job of bringing out her silly, goofy side.”

They also try to keep her mind on work and fun and not on Rob.

“Of course, Kristen still misses Rob, but being far away from him has actually helped her–she’s really happy and enjoying herself for the first time in a very long time,” the source added. “Her friends want to make sure her mind is on fun and not in Rob.”

Well Kristen, we’re so happy to hear you’re finally enjoying yourself. Do you think she’s actually more upset than she’s showing and that’s why she flipped off the paparazzi? Or was she simply annoyed that they were interrupting her? Let me know!

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— Emily Longeretta

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