Cory Monteith: The Shocking Last Hours Of His Life Revealed

The day and night leading up to Cory's death truly illustrates just how sudden and devastating his passing is. Cory Monteith, best known for playing Finn on Glee, tragically passed away from causes still unknown on July 13. He was found dead and alone in his Vancouver hotel room. It is even more tragic to think that just hours before, Cory was happy and well, enjoying some time with friends.

Cory Monteith Last Hours
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Cory Monteith’s Last Day Revealed

The 31-year-old actor was staying at the Fairmount Pacific Rim hotel in downtown Vancouver. It is a luxurious spot right on the Vancouver Harbour with incredible views and lavish amenities — the perfect place to stay during a vacation in the Canadian city.

Based on the Vancouver Police Department’s official statement, we know that Cory wasn’t in town alone. Authorities stated that on July 12, less than 24 hours before Cory was found dead, he had friends over to his hotel room, according to People. After hanging out there, Cory and his group of friends reportedly went out until the early morning, when Cory returned to the room alone.

The police explained that Cory was scheduled to check out of the hotel on July 13 by noon, and that after failing to do so the hotel staff went to his room, where they found him dead.

Cory Monteith’s Last Tweets Before Death

Cory’s final tweets also shed some light on his last day, which he seemed to be partly spending by taking in the Syfy, Twitter-trending flick, Sharknado. “What the crap is Sharknado,” he first tweeted on July 12, and then added, “oh. IT’S A SHARK TORNADO.”

Those witty tweets only sting now in retrospect.

Cory Monteith: Did He Die From A Drug Overdose?

The cause of Cory’s death has not yet been confirmed, but based on the police’s report that he seemed to be out late and his well-documented addiction struggles, speculation is growing that it was an overdose.

The Glee actor had spent most of April in a rehab facility to fight his struggles with addiction abuse, and though he appeared to be healthy and doing well after checking out, the possibility that he fatally relapsed is very real.

No matter what the cause though, Cory’s death is a devastating tragedy. He was a great talent who died far too soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this tough time.

WATCH: Lea Michele Inconsolable After Cory Monteith’s Death

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