‘Dexter’ Season Premiere: Dexter Pushes Debra To Use Drugs

Debra Morgan knows that her brother is a deranged serial killer. Heck, she even killed Lieutenant LaGuerta to keep the secret in the family. Now as the final season of 'Dexter' begins, that murderous decision seems to loom large. We pick up not where we left off. Dexter's son is flying a kite, Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is smashing fake heads in with a baseball bat. And all of Dexter's problems have been solved. Oh wait, no they haven't.

Dexter Season Premiere
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Dexter & Debra On The Rocks

A helpful voiceover from Dexter himself lets us know it’s been six months since LaGuerta was killed.

“I’m a serial killer” is written all over Dexter’s face around the rest of the police department. And it’s clear that Dexter and Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) are not on speaking terms. He pretty much ruined her life and she hates him, or so she says. For some reason Dexter is shocked by these developments. Umm dude, you made her murder someone for you.

Either way, he hasn’t seen her in a long time.

Know why? Because she’s off SNORTING A TON OF COCAINE (with Billy Walsh from Entourage) in Fort Lauderdale! Oh wait never mind, she’s undercover. We find out later that Debra’s moved to the private investigating biz and she’s going after Billy (who’s name is actually Andrew Briggs), a jewel thief who’s skipped out on bail. From now on, think of Debra as Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Dexter Vs. The Brain Doctor & The Brain Stealer

After a body is dumped in Miami — with half of its head cut open — we meet our first new character — Dr. Evelyn Vogel, who is working “off the books.” She’s a faintly British neural psychiatrist who’s an expert on psychopaths, and clearly a pro. Later in the episode she shockingly gives Dexter pictures that he drew as a child that totally make him look like a killer. Oh yeah, she’s more than a little onto him.

We also meet our big bad guy for this season — a guy who scoops small pieces out of people’s brains. I’m not sure how he or she will stack up agains the Ice Truck Killer, Trinity, or even the guy who put girls into barrels, but I’m excited to see.

Dexter Only Makes Things Worse

Back in Fort Lauderdale, Dexter goes snooping around the motel where Debra’s holed up — and he has the audacity to bring Harrison with him!. While her target, Briggs, is in the bathroom the brother and sister have a long chat. Like really long. Like how could Briggs be going to the bathroom for this long?  He eventually does come out and that’s when things get violent. Dex comes out on top, stabbing Briggs in the gut.

And again, Debra has to watch her brother murder someone. She actually calls this homicide in, and for a second we’re led to believe that Harrison has been kidnapped! Have Dexter’s obsessions endangered his family again (Rita, anyone)?

Turns out the little guy was just going for an evening stroll, but jeez, it’s gotta make you think. With Dr. Evelyn onto him, and Debra abandoning him, Dexter has to ask himself if it’s all worth it. Can’t he see his downfall on the horizon?

— Andrew Gruttadaro

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