Chris Brown Could Be Arrested For Alleged Assault — Experts Say

Deanna Gines is claiming that Chris Brown assaulted her at a nightclub on June 22. The situation is still being investigated, but reached out to top attorneys, who reveal what could potentially happen to the singer if he's found guilty. On June 22, Deanna Gines filed a police report claiming that Chris Brown allegedly assaulted her at Heat nightclub in Orange County, Calif. The singer is denying the claim -- he tweeted that he had nothing to do with the incident. Hypothetically, though, top attorneys tell us what could happen to Chris if he's found to be involved. 

Chris Brown Assault Arrested
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“The thing is when you’re famous and you have a history of violence, you’re susceptible to these charges. You could be accused of things you didn’t do. It comes with the territory,” former Federal prosecutor Raoul Felder tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Chris Brown May Have Violated His Probation

“The police will interview the woman who filed the police report, any witnesses and Chris Brown. Police will get both sides of the story. They will also want to look for any material evidence, such as cell phone photographs, cell phone video, club video,” Los Angeles attorney Mychal Wilson tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“If police find enough evidence that there was an assault, they can arrest Chris Brown, and if he is arrested, he will have violated his probation,” Mychal explains. “Chris doesn’t have to be found guilty in order to have violated his probation.”

“Now Chris may argue that the woman was a crazed fan, who pushed him first, and that he pushed her out of self-defense,” says Mychal. “However, the fact gathering investigation is what needs to be done first and foremost.”

Much More Evidence Is Needed

“The woman who claims she was assaulted still has the burden of proof,” explains Raoul. “Maybe she thinks he did it and he didn’t do it — nightclubs are loud, dark places with crowds of people. No one’s going to argue she’s injured, the poor girl is on crutches in a cast. But the jury is still out. The bottom line we gotta have a lot more evidence. Video proof, or more eyewitnesses would be ideal for her.”

“The probation department isn’t going to know anything about it unless there’s more proof,” says Raoul Felder. “We have to wait for more evidence before anything happens.”

“If I was [Chris], I’d just wait. She’s the one who has to prove it. He doesn’t.”

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers?  Do you believe this Deanna or Chris Brown?


–Reporting by Sandra Clark & Andrew Gruttadaro

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