Kim Kardashian Shoves Swollen Pregnancy Feet Into Plastic Sandals

Ouch! Although the reality star was ordered to leave the high heels at home she still shoved her feet into a very uncomfortable looking pair of shoes, causing yet another stir over her interesting maternity choices. Kim Kardashian has recently admitted that she hasn't easily adjusted to her growing pregnant body -- but it was evident from day one thanks to all of her controversial fashion choices! While her figure continues to change, the 32-year-old star continues to rely on her signature sexy dresses, form-fitting styles and sky-high pumps -- but her outfits always seem so uncomfortable. That was once again evident when she stepped out in LA on May 16 in her tightest look yet -- and that was just below the ankles!

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Kim Kardashian’s Feet:

Kim shoved her feet into a very interesting pair of shoes. Given the fact that her feet are seriously pregnant she should stick to a simple, wide pair of flats in a soft, stretchy leather. Instead, she went for exactly the opposite and tried to wear clear, plastic sandals with an ankle-strap — and the result definitely wasn’t pretty. In fact, I’m amazed she was able to walk in the shoes considering how tight they were. Her swollen feet were spilling out everywhere when she stepped out in LA with her mom Kris Jenner.

Kim’s tight look didn’t end there! While her swollen feet folded over the plastic and seemed to bulge above and below the ankle strap, her baby bump was on display in a very tight white dress that featured cape-like sleeves. A black clutch completed the interesting outfit choice. While I understand getting glam for a major red carpet I think next time Kim is out and about during the day she should take it easy and wear something more comfortable. Not only does her entire outfit seem to be very tight but it’s also not flattering!

We were shocked to see the reality star shoving her foot into a plastic pair of high-heel sandals, especially because she recently admitted that the doctor told her it was time to hang up her high heels.

She tells Grazia magazine, “My doctor has told me to elevate my feet — I just ordered a pair of pointy-toed flats,” after admitting that she couldn’t get her foot to fit into her favorite pair of five-inch Christian Louboutin pumps. “When I flew in them the other day, I landed with one strap unbuckled, as I couldn’t get it around my ankle,” she says.

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