Ariel Castro’s Daughter: My Dad Should Be Executed

Arlene Castro, one of Ariel's five children, has absolutely no mercy for her father. In a shocking new interview, she says her family is turning its back on Ariel and that the only thing he deserves is the death penalty. Arlene Castro is one of five children who will have to live with the shame of knowing that their father was the man who kidnapped and allegedly brutally tortured Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight. So many conflicting emotions must be running through her body right now, but most of all Arlene feels disgust towards her father, Ariel Castro, she admits in a revealing interview.

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Ariel Castro Daughter
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Ariel Castro’s Daughter: My Dad Deserves The Death Penalty

Only the death penalty can make Ariel “suffer the consequences,” Arlene told Mail Online. The 22-year-old is completely devastated by her father’s kidnappings and the reportedly awful things he did to Amanda, Gina, and Michelle during their near decade of captivity.

Though some may have trouble breaking bonds with their father, Arlene revealed that all five of Ariel’s children have vowed to never visit him in prison — they have completely abandoned him out of disgust. Arlene explains that the Castros feel as though Ariel “used” them to find his prey, and making them unwitting accomplices to his unforgivable sadistic acts just adds to the horror of it all. is just one of the unforgivable things he’s done.

Arlene Castro & Gina DeJesus Were Childhood Friends

Arlene’s strong feelings and outspokenness are understandable, but are likely also influenced by the fact that she was schoolmates and friends with Gina DeJesus before she disappeared. She actually may have been the last person to see her.

Not surprisingly, Arlene can’t help but feel responsible for her father’s horrific crimes — on May 9 she appeared on Good Morning America to personally apologize to Gina and the other girls for all the horror they have had to endure.

“I am absolutely so sorry,” Arlene said. “I really want to see Gina and I want you to meet my kids. I’m so sorry for everything.”

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