Rihanna: The Truth Behind Her Sexy Night Out With JR Smith

Heads turned when Rihanna was seen partying with her ex JR Smith on May 7, but HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY learned the real reason why Rihanna decided to party with JR instead of Chris. Rihanna made headlines when she was seen partying with her ex, J.R. Smith, after her show on May 7, and HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY learned that RiRi was NOT trying to make her on/off boyfriend Chris Brown jealous! Instead, she had a good reason for partying with JR. Read on to see why.

JR Smith Rihanna Partying NYC
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The Real Reason Rihanna Partied With JR Smith

Rihanna, 25, and JR were both hanging out at Greenhouse, and while JR was celebrating his win with the Knicks, RiRi spent her night drinking cocktails and posing for a bunch of sexy pics!

But she was not trying to make Chris jealous! A source close to the singer reveals the real reason she hung out with her ex:

She and JR are good friends. They always have been. She’s on good terms with all her ex’s but that doesn’t mean she’s dating them. They were both out chilling and celebrating last night – just having a good time.

Good for you RiRi! We are glad to hear that she is just friends with JR, but she and Chris will still have to work hard if they want to salvage their relationship. An onlooker at Greenhouse tells us, “JR went upstairs to say hi to Rihanna, but it wasn’t romantic at all.”

Rihanna Is Ready To Move On From Chris Brown

Rihanna and Chris officially called their relationship quits last week. A source close to Rihanna told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that RiRi is done with playing games.

There are only so many games a girl can play, and when it’s played out, you move on,” a source close to Rihanna told us. “She’s talking about how [she] wants, no … NEEDS to be treated. No exceptions. She demands loyalty, honesty and respect. It’s just a must for her, and no matter how much she loves and cares and gives, she gets tired after a while.

What do YOU think of Rihanna partying with JR, HollywoodLifers? Do you think she and Chris are over?

WATCH: Rihanna Parties With Ex Boyfriend JR Smith

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— Eleanore Hutch, Reporting by Eric Ray

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