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Miley Cyrus, Rihanna & More: Celebs Tweet About 4/20

Yesterday, April 20, was the best holiday of the year for some. It was a day for those who truly appreciate the ganja, and by ganja we mean marijuana. Plenty of celebrities took to Twitter to revel in 4/20, from likely suspects like Snoop Lion to more under the radar stars. Keep reading to see all the tweets! It isn't a federal holiday, but many people -- celebrities included -- treat April 20 (or 4/2o) as if it's a second Christmas. And because it fell on a Saturday this year, celebrations were on high (see what I did there?). Stars like Snoop Lion and Rihanna got in on the festivities, and wished all their fans a happy holiday via Twitter.

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Celebrities 420 Twitter
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Celebs Tweet About 4/20

Snoop was throwing an all-out 4/20 bash, and was more active on Twitter during the holiday than he probably ever has been. “Happy holidays #snoop420,” was just one of many tweets he sent out. Rita Ora actually hung out with Snoop Lion — and she posted a picture of their 4/20 celebration on Instagram.

Rihanna, who has never been afraid to post pictures of herself indulging in the stuff on Instagram, tweeted, “#420 it’s a celebration bitches!! Thank you to all my ft. Lauderdale and Miami fam that came through…” Rihanna had a great 4/20 bash, and the King of Diamonds club in Miami, Fla. where she celebrated even baked her a marijuana plant cake, which she posted on Instagram.

Miley Cyrus, who has herself been gifted a Bob Marley cake in the past, simply tweeted, “Merry 4/20.”

Chris Brown sent out the short message, “420!” and Wyclef Jean posted, “Happy 420!”

Bob Saget posted a picture of a burnt hand-rolled cigar with the caption, “Best I can do on 420…” Just a reminder, that guy used to be Danny Tanner on Full House.

4/20 was also a day for people to poke fun at the silly nature of the holiday. Comedian Jo Koy tweeted, “Happy 420 to the greatest pothead of all time!… Sir Michael Phelps.”

And Seth Rogen possibly had the best tweet of the holiday when he responded to Mindy Kaling’s Twitter question, “what does happy 420 mean.” Seth explained, “ancient jews thought they only had enough weed for 1 night. It lasted 420 nights instead.” That’s hilarious!

We hope all of our favorite celebrities, had a happy, safe April 20. And that they stocked their refrigerators beforehand.

— Andrew Gruttadaro

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