Chris Brown: The Truth Behind His Club Run-In With Sexy Blonde

While Rihanna's away, Chris will play? Don't jump to conclusions! A source tells exclusively that Chris Brown was just appeasing a fan at Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood, CA on April 6, when he was caught dancing with a sexy blonde. It was nothing more! Chris Brown was seen partying with a mystery blonde in Hollywood on April 6, while Rihanna's touring the country and promoting her Unapologetic album. Chris held hands with the gorgeous girl before allegedly giving her a bottle of champagne. Thankfully, a source close to Chris tells us it was purely innocent!

Chris Brown Blonde Girl
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A friend of Chris’ tells exclusively:

“There’s no story with her. Chris went to the club and hosted the night for a few friends’ birthdays. He was on stage, doing his thing, wild-n-out and the girls were coming after him. That happens everyday. I don’t know why people think that every time Chris is in a picture with a girl, that there’s something more. I’m not trying to say that Chris is all that, but he’s a rap star and when you’re on his status, the girls come automatically. There’s nothing going on with that girl you saw him with — she’s just one of his millions of fans.”

It’s nice to know that Chris is not cheating on Rihanna, and that he showers his fans with gifts. He’s a standup guy!

And we certainly wouldn’t peg Chris for a cheater. In fact, he told Power 105.1 that he’s nervous Rihanna may stray while away, but he’s trying not to be a jealous boyfriend. He said:

“I’m just a regular guy so I be thinking, man I hope nobody’s hitting that. But you can’t be the jealous boyfriend, I can’t be calling her constantly asking what she’s doing so I just gotta put that trust out there and hope nothing happens.”

Certainly, if Chris worries about what it’d feel like to be cheated on, it’s likely he wouldn’t put Rihanna through that. We have faith in Chrianna. Chris even admitted that he misses Rihanna!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Should Rihanna be nervous?

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— Reporting by Eric Ray

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