Makeup Artist Carmindy Reveals Her Top 5 Beauty Tricks For Real Women

The 'What Not To Wear' makeup artist reveals her top drugstore picks and her favorite beauty stars in a new video interview EXCLUSIVE with! Watch it below! Carmindy is one of the biggest makeup artists around! Not only does the makeup expert help What Not To Wear participants look and feel their best, she's also an author, blogger and all-around amazing expert! She spills on her top five beauty tips for real women, as well as her favorite celebrity beauties below!

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What Not To Wear Makeup
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Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry always look incredible!” Carmindy raves.

Just because she is a fancy makeup artist doesn’t mean she doesn’t find some of her favorites at the drugstore!

“My favorite drugstore buys are Revlon’s Growlicious Mascara, Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow and Cetaphil,” Carmindy tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Carmindy Beauty — Top 5 Tips

“Number 1: Get a really good liquid foundation. Find out that has antioxidants, natural botanicals. That way, it evens the skin tone and actually sets the stage for makeup.

Another thing, every girl needs a good mascara. Good lashes are a quick way to make your eyes look defined and even run out the door in a hurry and have a nice frame to the lips.

The most important thing is “Carmindizing”! The Carmindizing highlight. I’ve made this famous on What Not To Wear and it’s about applying a highlight shimmer on top of the cheekbones, under the brow and inner corner of the eye. What this does is highlights your face, showing off your skin, giving off that radiant cheek.

And I would say a good lip and cheek. A nice pop of color here and there.”

‘What Not To Wear’ Ending — After 10 Successful Seasons

“You know what, we’ve become such a big family after 10 years. So the crew and Stacy [London] and Clinton [Kelly] and Ted [Gibson]. It’s going to be really hard not seeing them every week.”

But Carmindy won’t be relaxing, even when the show concludes in July.

“I am working on my own makeup line, which launching probably the beginning of next year – Carmindy Beauty. I will let everyone know on so stay tuned!”

WATCH: Carmindy: Top Beauty & Makeup Tricks

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— Dory Larrabee

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