Olivia Wilde: After Justin Bieber Diss, Fears Fans Will Attack Her

After tweet-dissing the Biebs, Olivia is feeling the wrath of his enormous fan base! In a funny new interview, the actress admits that she's a little afraid that the Beliebers will lash out against her in revenge. Keep reading to see exactly what she fears. Olivia Wilde might have made a mistake when she tweeted at Justin Bieber and told him, "Bieber, put on your f**king shirt!" Now his millions of fans are coming at her in full force, and she's worried for her safety!

Olivia Wilde Justin Bieber Feud
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Olivia Wilde: Will Beliebers Attack?

“I’m gonna get attacked with acid,” Olivia said in a CNN interview with her Drinking Buddies co-star Jake Johnson. “If that happens, there are 35 million Beliebers that did it.”

The gorgeous actress now knows how it feels to enrage an entire fan base, after she jokingly told Justin to keep his clothes on via Twitter. She explained on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that the tweet wasn’t mean-spirited and that she said it “with love,” but some Beliebers didn’t see it that way. Olivia reported that she received thousands of hate tweets, and they’ve gotten so bad that she’s worried the threats are going to go from the computer to real life!

In the CNN interview, Olivia continued to explain that she was addressing Bieber as if he was her younger brother, and “with love,” suggesting that he put on a shirt — because she wouldn’t want him to get cold! But even still, she reports that her Twitter feed is littered with “abuse.”

Olivia Wilde Vs. Justin Bieber: Jake Johnson’s A Belieber

“You messed with Bieber? Are you nuts?” Jake hilariously barked at Olivia. “What’s up, Bieber?” Jake continued. “I’m with you! Not with her!”

So basically Jake Johnson is our favorite person now.

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— Andrew Gruttadaro

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