‘Bachelor’ Recap: Sean Lowe Picks His Final Three After Hometown Dates

Sean packs his bags and makes his way to Washington, Texas, Missouri and California for the hometown dates, where one bachelorette's outspoken family cost her a rose. Sean Lowe travels the country on the Feb. 18 episode of The Bachelor, as he visits the hometowns of his four finalists. Sean deals with scary fathers, scary sisters and one particularly scary brother. Two hometown dates goes well, while two end in misery, as one contestant's family ruins her chance at becoming Sean's wife. At the rose ceremony, Sean faces his hardest elimination yet.

Sean Lowe Visits AshLee In Texas

Sean goes to his native state of Texas to see AshLee in Houston. And one thing is for sure, the star of the show sure ain’t Sean! It’s AshLee’s little dog Bailey! Sean and AshLee sit in a field full of flowers and talk about love and family and it looks just like that scene in Twilight, except Sean does not sparkle in the sun. Boo.

Sean brings flowers for AshLee’s parents, and things go swimmingly as he dines al fresco with her family. Shirt on, for once. AshLee’s dad takes Sean aside for some mantalk, where he reveals more about AshLee’s emotional adoption past. One thing is for sure, if AshLee doesn’t win, that tragic back story would make her one hell of a Bachelorette.

Their date goes really well, but it seems apparent that AshLee is way more into Sean than he is into her.

Sean Visits Catherine In Washington

Sean then makes his way to Seattle, where Catherine invites him to partake in a series of weird and gross challenges including catching fish (quite literally) and sticking gum on a wall of gum. Then they dance like fools in the middle of the street, but it’s quite sweet really. Sean says Catherine brings out his “goofy” side — as if Sean needs to be more goofy.

When Sean goes to Catherine’s home, it’s not a scary dad he’s dealing with, instead it’s Catherine’s two evil stepsisters. Except they are not really evil, and they are not her stepsisters. Catherine’s grandma cozies right up to Sean however — Catherine may have competition on her hands!

Catherine’s evil sisters dump a big ol’ bucket of icey water on Catherine’s happiness when they say that she is trying to convince them to like Sean. And then they proceed to make things even worse by telling Sean that they are unconvinced with their relationship.

Sean leaves on a low note, as he is doubting whether he and Catherine’s relationship is real. Plus, her mean mom failed to give Sean her blessing, which is apparently a big deal for Sean.

Sean Visits Lindsay In Fort Leonard Wood

Sean goes to Missouri to see my personal favorite, Wedding Dress Lindsay. Sean is nervous to meet her scary army dad, and he should be! Sean and Lindsay go for beers and cupcakes — not quite as romantic as throwing fish but it’ll do — and then Sean is put through his paces in an army obstacle course. Thank god Sean is so buff, because it looks hard.

Sean chills out at Lindsay’s house, and it turns out her scary army dad is not that scary, and he gives Sean his blessing to propose. Lindsay shows how adorable and hilarious she is by bringing up the moment she arrived on the first night in a wedding dress. This is definitely the most successful hometown date so far.

Sean Visits Desiree In Newport

Back in California, Sean makes out with Desiree at the top of a mountain. While making dinner Desiree gets a shock when her BOYFRIEND turns up the door. He gets all fisty and angry at Sean (which is dumb move because Sean is so buff and he is a total wimp) and proclaims his undying love for Desiree. Total LOL moment — it was all a prank! Sean takes it really well, and the wimp leaves just as Desiree’s family arrive.

Desiree’s brother is pretty hot headed too, but unfortunately for Sean it is NOT a prank when he calls him out. He calls Sean a “fraud” and a “playboy” and it’s pretty clear that this guy is a jerk and Sean has totally got cold feet about Desiree now. Sean defends himself and insists that he is not a playboy, even though he currently dating three other girls.

Sean leaves on a bad note, and it looks like Desiree’s mean brother has ruined her chances of getting a rose…

The Rose Ceremony — Sean Picks His Final Three

Sean stands a top a cliff for a while — he does his best thinking that way — before having a heart to heart with his BFF host Chris Harrison. After staring at the girls promo pictures on a shelf for a while, surrounded only by candlelight, Sean realizes that he does not know who to send home.

In a last ditch attempt to be saved, Desiree drags Sean outside to explain her brother ain’t cray cray, but Sean is still unsure if he would rather deal with her crazy bro or Catherine’s scary sisters.

He gives AshLee and Lindsay (hooray!) a rose each, and then he leaves the room to go stare at their pictures some more. Does he not realize the girls are standing right in front of him?

Sean FINALLY comes back out and gives Catherine the last rose, and sends Desiree home. Desiree is devastated, and repeatedly tells Sean his is making a big mistake. I admire Desiree for her gall, but girl don’t be desperate! Sean himself seems uncertain of his decision, but judging by next week’s commercial where they go to Thailand, he gets over it fast!

What do YOU think HollywoodLifers? Do YOU think Sean made the right decision by eliminating Desiree?

Watch: Sean Lowe Eliminates Poor Desiree After Hometown Dates 

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— Eleanore Hutch

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