Ashton Kutcher Caught Cheating On Mila Kunis — Report

Is Ashton cheating again? The woman who helped end his marriage to Demi Moore claims that she's seen evidence indicating that Ashton may already be cheating on Mila Kunis! Sara Leal is back to making shocking accusations about Ashton Kutcher. If you recall, the blonde party girl allegedly slept with Ashton while he was married to Demi Moore. She now claims that she has proof Ashton may be cheating again -- this time, on Mila Kunis.

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Ashton Kutcher Cheating
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“Once a cheater, always a cheater. If I were Mila, I’d be careful,” Sara tells Star magazine.

The Evidence

A co-worker of Sara’s revealed a photo of Ashton, 35, in his pajamas — a photo her friend sent her. She showed Sara the photo and claimed that her friend was dating him. (It’s like six degrees of Kevin Bacon!)

This friend taunted Sara, saying, “my friend’s dating Ashton — look at this picture of your boy!”

Sara was apprehensive to believe her, but “apparently, the girl was at Ashton’s house in L.A., and obviously someone was with him, but he didn’t know he was in the picture. It was creepy.”

Sara doesn’t know who the girl is because she “didn’t really care.” However, she cared enough to send Mila, 29, a warning.

“It could just be an innocent picture, but I think it’s also possible he’s not dating Mila exclusively. Not just because of that photo, but because he’s cheated before. That would definitely be a red flag for me, if I were dating someone who’d cheated on their wife. I would hate for Mila to have the same experience as Demi. I wouldn’t wish that situation on anyone,” she says.

Sara Apologizes To Demi

“I’m sorry about what happened, and I’m sorry to Demi. It was a terrible situation and I’m sure it was really hard for her. It was never my intention to go out and ruin a marriage and sell a story, but that doesn’t make it OK,” Sara said.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Is Ashton cheating on Mila?

— Chris Rogers

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