‘The Carrie Diaries’ Recap: Sebastian Has An Unexpected Secret

Plus, Carrie gets inspired by a porn star and her vagina. Last week on The Carrie Diaries, we were left wondering why Carrie's (AnnaSophia Robb) dad, Tom (Matt Letscher), wouldn't let her see sexy new boy Sebastian Kydd (Austin Butler). And in the Jan. 28 episode, "Read Before Use," we find out why!

The Carrie Diaries Recap
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When Tom doesn’t budge on his decision to ban Sebastian from Carrie’s life, she finds out that Sebastian’s dad was a client of her father’s (he’s a lawyer), and she snoops through his files in the middle of the night. Carrie finds out why Sebastian was kicked out of his last school — he slept with his Art History teacher! (Ah, makes me miss the good old days of Pacey Witter.) However, that certainly doesn’t scare Carrie away, but it may scare Sebastian away (more on that later!).

Visiting Porn Star Monica Penny & Her Vagina

Carrie, Mouse (Ellen Wong), her college boyfriend Seth and Larissa (Freema Agyeman) all attend an art exhibit at a very famous club in NYC, where former porn star Monica Penny flashes her vajayjay for anyone who throws a penny in a jar. Larissa explains that the former porn star is over her adult film career and has moved onto “owning her power” and “reclaiming her vagina.”

Mouse, who appears to be this version’s Charlotte, is up first, but freaks out and runs out of the club, screaming that she doesn’t want to see anyone’s vagina. Carrie’s up next. She goes for it, and gets chosen by Monica, who think she reminds her of a younger version of herself. Penny, with microphone in hand, asks Carrie to promise she’ll never let a man take her power. Carrie agrees, but Monica asks her to prove it by flashing her vagina to the crowd!

Of course, Carrie does NOT flash her vajayjay to the world and explains to Larissa how saying no is a way for her to own her power.

“Everyone here may think it’s a good idea. But, I don’t. So, I said no. That’s me using my power,” Carrie says.

On her train ride back home, Carrie realizes that this moment has given her the confidence to stand up to her dad, telling him she’s going to keep seeing Sebastian.

When Carrie does meet up with Sebastian (against her father’s wishes), she has a bit of word vomit, telling him that she knows he slept with a teacher, admitting to snooping through her dads files, and in the process unknowingly breaks the news to Sebastian that he even had a lawyer. Sebastian, thrown off, decides that all Carrie’s over-analyzing and complications are a clear sign as to why they’ll never work. And he breaks up with her.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — do you think Carrie and Sebastian will get back together? And where the hell was Walt?! 

‘Sex and the City’ References:

Larissa tells Carrie that she thought she’d make a name for herself one day, appearing on billboards or … even the side of a bus!

The art exhibit visit is very reminiscent of the SatC episode, where Carrie visits a performance artist at a museum, who doesn’t eat, sleep or talk. It’s where she meets Aleksandr Petrovsky.

— Chris Rogers

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