Taylor Swift Thought Harry Styles Was Cheating On Her — Report

Taylor allegedly broke up with Harry because she thought he had a wandering eye. Well, then he really is 'trouble, trouble, trouble'! It looks like there are multiple reasons why Taylor Swift and Harry Styles' relationship went south -- he apparently kissed like a snail, there were trust issues, Taylor called him a d*ck -- we could go on forever! But now a new report says that Taylor broke up with Harry because she was afraid he was cheating on her! A source says that "He’s a big flirt and loves the ladies," and Taylor couldn't handle this. Read on for all the details.

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Harry Styles Cheated
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Taylor Swift’s Fears About Harry Styles

Taylor, 23, and Harry, 18, broke up on Jan. 4 following a huge fight on the Virgin Gorda island, which allegedly occurred because Taylor found a girl’s phone number in Harry’s pocket. Uh-oh! And Harry did himself no favors by partying with a blonde reality star afterwards, while Taylor fled the island.

“Taylor has serious trust issues, something that is being severely tested dating Harry,” a source tells Radar Online. “Harry courts a lot of attention. He’s a big flirt and loves the ladies. Taylor doesn’t like that and finds it very difficult to trust him.”

“She thought he was cheating on her when they were apart over the holidays so she ended it, telling him she couldn’t be in a relationship with someone like that. Harry protested that he never did anything wrong, and that’s why Taylor is trying right now to give him the benefit of the doubt and trying to work things out with him.”

“But his reputation precedes him and it’s hard to believe Taylor will ever be able to fully trust Harry because the ladies just throw themselves at him and he does nothing to temper that,” the source reveals.

Taylor was seen flying to London on Jan. 21, while Harry was also in the UK capital. Rumors are now swirling that they are planning to meet at the NRJ music awards on Jan. 26 in France, and they will discuss getting back together.

Well, one thing is for sure: if Taylor cannot trust Harry, then she should NOT get back together with him. Like, ever.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Does Harry have a wandering eye? Should he and Taylor try to work it out? Enjoy Taylor’s song about cheating, “Should’ve Said No,” below.

WATCH: Taylor Swift Broke Up With Harry Styles – Haylor Breakup Details

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