‘Bachelor’ Preview: Sean & Lesley Try To Break A Kissing World Record

Pucker up! Once again Sean shows he is not a fan of traditional dates, as he and Lesley attempt to break a record for the longest on screen kiss. It should be a walk in the park! Sean Lowe will not only be breaking hearts this week on The Bachelor, he will also be breaking records! On Jan. 21, Lesley gets the first private date with hunky Sean, while Kacie B starts crying, and Tierra gets her comeuppance as the girls throw her down a flight of stairs. Or something like that....

The Bachelor Preview
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Sean & Lesley Make Out

Sean is not a fan of taking girls on “regular” dates — instead he prefers to take them bungee jumping, or in this case on a record breaking date. Sean asks Lesley to help him break a Guinness world record for longest on screen kiss, and she is more than happy to help! Well at least they won’t have an awkward “will they, won’t they kiss” moment at the end of their date. Will Lesley get a rose for her efforts? Who knows!

Then Sean takes the rest of the girls to the beach for a fun volleyball date, and by fun I mean highly competitive and violent. Nothing says passive aggression like throwing another girl into the sand! Host Chris Harrison reveals that the girls will divide up into teams and the winning team will get to spend the evening with Sean, while the losing team gets to spend the evening alone at the mansion. All is fair in love and war, and believe me, there is war!

And of course, Sean removes his shirt. Again! Any excuse Sean, any excuse.

Drama Unfolds On ‘The Bachelor’

Not all the girls are happy in the Bachelor mansion this week, as something — or someone — makes poor Kacie cry. She blubbers “It’s too early to cry…” This is going to be a long season…. And apparently, Sean will see a different side to one woman when she uses her time to try and sabotage his relationship with two other bachelorettes. It’s so Tierra!

And this season’s villain gets her just desserts when she falls down a stairs and is carted off to hospital in a neck brace. And the other girls clearly don’t feel too sorry for her. Oh dear! Sean tweeted “Just previewed the 3rd episode. Why is the bachelor always last to find out which women are nuts? I think this is the best episode yet!” on Jan. 17.

We’ll take your word for it Sean!

What do YOU think HollywoodLifers? Are you excited for the newest episode?

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— Eleanore Hutch

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