Chris Brown So In Love He Gave Rihanna His $750,000 Lamborghini

Chris must really love Rihanna, because the R&B superstar has reportedly given her his $750,000 Lamboghini as a token of his love. Romantic or stupid? Chris Brown and Rihanna have been hopelessly in love this past month, and have been spotted everywhere together. And now, the New York Daily News reports that Breezy has even offered Rihanna his amazing Lamborghini, worth nearly a million dollars! While he looks for a new car for himself, we have to wonder: Is this a nice gesture, or more stupid thinking on Chris' part? One thing is for sure -- hopefully it's not the Lambo he beat her up in a few years ago!

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Chris Brown Gave Rihanna Car
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Chris Brown & Rihanna Living Together

The New York Daily News Confidential blog has spoke to sources who have told them that Chris has “moved into” the $12 million Pacific Palisades mansion his on-again, off-again lover Rihanna bought right before Christmas. If you add to that the dates they have had at Los Angeles Lakers games, Twitter posts that have shown them wrapped in the same bedding, and the way they’ve been continuously teasing each over other social media, things seem to be getting very hot and heavy between the two.

But now, Rihanna may have received the ultimate prize, by turning Chris on so much that he would actually give up one of his amazing cars for her enjoyment. Is this a gift to show his love? Is this an apology for cheating on her? When it comes to Rihanna and Chris, it could be anything! It looks like they put the crazy in “crazy in love”!

So, HollywoodLifers, should Chris have given this amazing gift to Rihanna? Sound off below!

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