Kate Bosworth Looks Scary Skinny — Too Thin? Vote

Yikes! Kate recently stepped out in California looking scarily skinny, and a new report suggests that she has lost 18 pounds in just two months. Kate Bosworth shocked onlookers when stepped out in L.A. on Dec. 17, as she was looking extremely thin. Wearing a baggy shirt and skinny jeans, Kate's clothes were hanging off her petite frame, and a new report suggests she is suffering from "malnourishment." Could Kate be suffering from an eating disorder?

Kate Bosworth Skinny
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Shrinking Kate

Kate, 29, has always been exceptionally slim, but she was looking much healthier back in Oct. 2012. Now, she is looking extremely frail and gaunt, and the recent pictures of her with her fiance Michael Polish are shocking for all the wrong reasons. Kate’s legs are so thin, while her jeans appear very loose on her waist.

“She looks like the definition of malnourishment,” nutrition expert Dr. Fred Pescatore tells In Touch. “To weigh that little at her height [5 feet 5 inches] is a sign of a potential eating disorder.” The doctor also notes that Kate appears to have lost about 18 pounds in two months, and that she currently weighs about 95 pounds.

How scary. Kate looks far too thin in these new pictures, so hopefully she is taking the necessary steps to fix the problem.

Kate announced her engagement to Michael several months ago when they were on vacation on Seoul, South Korea. She wrote, “On our first day in Seoul, my fiancé, Michael Polish, and I venture out to discover Changdeokgung Palace,” in her online diary.

Let’s hope Kate gains some weight before her wedding!

What do YOU think HollywoodLifers? Does Kate look too skinny? Should she try gain some weight? Leave a comment below!

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— Eleanore Hutch

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