‘Glee’ Recap: Kurt Gets A Second Chance At NYADA

Fates were revealed for both Kurt and New Directions on the Dec. 6 episode of 'Glee.' Under the leadership of Finn (Cory Monteith), New Directions learns their fate for Sectionals, Kurt (Chris Colfer) gets a second chance to try out for NYADA and Rachel (Lea Michele) reconnects with Finn on the Dec. 6 episode of Glee.

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New Directions Get Disqualified From Sectionals

The episode opens with New Directions rushing Marley (Melissa Benoist) into the club’s choir room. The group tries to feed her some snacks, but they’re interrupted by the harsh news that they’ve been disqualified from Sectionals for physically leaving the competition for a duration of time. Way to go, Finn. Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) doesn’t look happy. For the first time ever, since the club’s inception, New Directions lost at Sectionals.

Also, does anyone else miss Santana (Naya Rivera)? Her one line, “[Kitty’s] a crazy, evil bitch,” was the ONLY moment I laughed out loud.

[Sidenote: I’m sort of loving Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Brittany’s (Heather Morris) budding relationship. I’m afraid to ask because I’ve seen the angry fan messages, but do you love them too? ]

Kurt Gets Accepted into NYADA

Back in New York City, Kurt is busy keeping up with Blaine (Darren Criss) and worrying about all things NYADA. Not only is he helping Rachel prep for her winter showcase, but he’s hoping to get a second chance at auditioning for NYADA. Whoopi Goldberg (sorry, she’s just Whoopi to me — no character name necessary) tells Kurt that his last audition was just the surface and she’s looking for soul!

Kurt takes that message as a second rejection and is surprised to get an impromptu invitation to perform at the winter showcase! Upon his breathtaking rendition of “Feel Alive,” Kurt receives a standing ovation.

After all is said and done, Kurt receives an acceptance letter to NYADA! We have a feeling Kurt will be celebrating with Blaine next week.

Rachel & Finn Reconnect With A Phone Call

Rachel may be romancing Brody (Dean Geyer), but she certainly still has feelings for Finn. Not only did she want to call her ex after his painful loss at Sectionals with New Directions, but she called him immediately after wowing the crowd and winning at the winter showcase at NYADA! And it was Rachel who inspired Finn to keep the club moving forward despite their loss.

I have a feeling that Rachel and Finn are meant to go on this journey alone (for the time being), but will ultimately reunite with one another. I have to admit — I was a Brachel fan in the beginning of the season, but now I’m leaning towards Finchel. I need some help! Which ship is the right one to plant my behind on? HELP!

What did YOU think of tonight’s all new episode, HollywoodLifers? Did New Directions deserve to be disqualified? Will they ever be able to recover from their first loss at Sectionals? Will Finchel ever reunite?

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— Chris Rogers

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