90210 Season 5: Matt Lanter Offers ‘Hope’ For A Liam & Annie Reunion

Matt tells HollywoodLife.com it 'wouldn't surprise' him if Annie & Liam get back together this season! Liam may be up to his perfectly side-swept bangs in Vanessa drama on 90210, but Matt Lanter tells HollywoodLife.com not to lose faith in "Lannie," as a reunion between Annie (Shenae Grimes) and Liam could be just around the corner. "We're filming episode 10 right now ... and Annie and Liam are having some real, serious moments," he tells me. "It wouldn't surprise me if we end up seeing them together. There's definitely hope for those 'Lannie' fans out there, more so than in the past couple seasons."

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Read on for my full interview with Matt, which also includes his thoughts on Liam’s future with Silver (Jessica Stroup), his theory about Liam and Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes), and a new troublemaker entering the picture:

Since there’s so much time between filming and airing, is it hard to keep some secrets under wraps?

“We have a lot of paparazzi on our set anytime we’re on location, so it’s actually really difficult. It’s tough to keep stuff like that under wraps. But I think people enjoy when fun little spoilers get out there. It helps build anticipation. We’re not Homeland, where we have these big secrets.”

90210 is my Homeland.

“Yeah, exactly.”

Well, we all kind of knew about Dixon surviving before the premiere aired.

“That’s a great example of them not trying to keep things secret, because that was one of the biggest cliffhangers from season four into season five. You know, was he dead? And then they released those pictures of him in the hospital.”

Now that we know Dixon is alive, how is Liam going to support him during his recovery?

“Actually, Liam does play a role in Dixon’s recovery. Over the next several episodes, actually for quite a while, you’re going to see Dixon struggle with his accident and his recovery. And Liam plays an integral part in it all. You’ll see them get back out on the beach: Liam’s surfing again, and Dixon is trying to get his normal life back with the limited physical capacity he has now. I always liked that bond between Dixon, Teddy and Liam with all their surf stuff.”

Liam’s such a good guy…

“…with a golden heart.”

And people are always using that to take advantage of him, like Vanessa. I love Arielle Kebbel, but I hate Vanessa.

“That means she’s doing a good job, she’s like the perfect villain. Let’s just say Liam’s not the brightest sharpest tool in the shed. He’s not the brightest bulb out there. He seems to get taken advantage of a whole lot, and I actually talked to the writers about that. I was like, ‘What’s the deal with Liam? He’s one of the densest characters I’ve ever seen.’ And I don’t why he gets taken advantage of. He used to be so street smart! But he does — especially with the crazy girls in his life. And that’s not going to stop anytime soon. There might be another one after Vanessa.”

Of course there will be! Does that mean he’s done fighting for Silver?

“You will see how that carries over into the season. On the premiere, Silver kind of filled Liam and Navid in on her decision. And, of course, they both got upset with her. We will see residual feelings from that … but I think Silver sees him as a rock in her life for some emotional support, and he continues that a little. Even though he feels like he got a raw deal, he sticks with her emotionally. So I think there’s always the possibility of rekindling a romantic relationship.”

I feel like Silver and Liam have hooked up with the most people. Why is that?

“That’s going to happen when you run for five years and you have, give or take, eight series regulars. It’s inevitable. But actually, I thought Liam was going to hook up with Adrianna this past season, and I’ll tell you why: Adrianna was working at his bar. I was like, ‘Well this is perfect. Late night, she’s cleaning the bar, and they just slide right into his bedroom, which is three feet from the bar. But it didn’t happen. I’m surprised.”

Maybe that’s his one rule: no co-workers.

“Maybe it is, yeah. He’s got dignity or something.”

Moving onto Liam and Annie, they totally had a moment during the premiere.

“They did. Talking about fandom, everybody is so for ‘Lannie,’ as they call it. Me and Shenae laugh about it all the time, we have no idea why. Not to take anything away from the characters or the what people want, but we don’t know why people love ‘Lannie’ so much. Me and Shenae goof around all the time. Our relationship is very playful. We pick on each other.”

So there is, or isn’t, hope for all those ‘Lannie’ fans?

“Well, you’re right, there definitely was a moment on the premiere — and I’m not sure where they’re going with it, actually. We’re filming episode 10 right now, so we’re well ahead of everybody watching. And we’re filming some stuff with Annie and Liam having some real, serious moments. It wouldn’t surprise me if we end up seeing them together. There’s definitely hope for those ‘Lannie’ fans out there, more so than in the past couple seasons.”

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— Andy Swift

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