Justin Bieber’s Mother Pattie Mallette Reveals She Was Sexually Molested

Justin Bieber's mother Pattie Mallette was sexually abused for years by multiple people, she reveals in her new memoir, 'Nowhere But Up.' Justin Bieber's mother Pattie Mallette is emerging from the shadows, as she reveals many personal details in her new book. The most shocking? The sexual abuse she endured for years.

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Pattie recalls her first sexual memory at around age three — “an innocent game of doctor, minus the stethoscope and medicine bag.”

As she played the patient, surrounded by older kids, she says, “the thermometer was inserted in places in my body where it didn’t belong. I remember feeling gross. It felt wrong.”

Only a few years later, when she was still a small child of only five years old, Pattie describes a new molester as a “familiar face in my circle of family, community, and friends.” The man came into the room where she was coloring completely naked and told her to touch him. This inappropriate touching continued for five years.

During the same five year period, yet another trusted person she knew started molesting her. It usually happened behind a closed door while adults were just a room away. She was hoping someone would “rescue” her but no one ever did.

Pattie describes the constant abuse as something so frequent that “it began to feel normal.”

It wasn’t just men who abused her, as she also recounts a “girl from school” who was “trying to teach [her] about pleasure.”

Then there was a male babysitter when she was 10. He “was a few years older.” He asked her to model, and as a young girl, she thought that meant parading down a catwalk in cute outfits and lipstick — but really, he just wanted to see her undress. “One on hand, I felt disturbed. On the other hand, I was so used to being objectified that I didn’t give it much thought. Being naked and being touched in private placed was my normal, so the babysitter’s request was familiar territory to me.”

How horrible! Are you shocked that Pattie is so open and honest in her book, HollywoodLifers?

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