Robert Pattinson Being Recruited By Scientologists? — Report

Kirstie Alley is supposedly persuading Rob Pattinson to become a Scientologist. Keep reading to find out why! Robert Pattinson may still be reeling from his breakup with Kristen Stewart, but it seems there's another starlet wanting to sink her claws into the Hollywood hunk. According to the National Enquirer, Kirstie Alley is "spearheading the efforts to lure" the 26-year-old actor to join the Church of Scientology -- and has even visited his home!

Image Credit: Splash News

The publication reports that the church is looking for a new celebrity to become the face of Scientology since the group’s previous frontman, Tom Cruise, has caused such embarrassment in light of his recent divorce from Katie Holmes.

“He’s young, he’s talented and he’s got a lot of money. Rob’s like a young Tom Cruise. He would appeal to younger people in a way that older celebrities, such as Cruise and John Travolta, might not,” claims a Scientology follower.

According to reports, Kirstie is so intent on having Rob join the sect that she’s even shown up at his home to plead her case. “I didn’t get a good look at the driver except that I noticed that the person had a lot of hair — so it was probably female,” reveals a source.

Do YOU think Rob is actually contemplating joining Church of Scientology, HollywoodLifers?

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