'Sister Wives' Recap: Meri Reveals Her Sad Secret Miscarriage

Plus, the Browns search for a new place to live -- but all does not go according to plan. After a year of searching, the Browns thought they finally found four perfect homes right next to each other on the June 3 episodes of Sister Wives, but they remained concerned the housing deal could fall through. "We've had broken hearts before." Kody Brown revealed in an emotional confession. "We have dealt with big heartbreaks in our lives and we have overcome all of it."

Sister Wives Miscarriage

After an investor decided to go in a different direction, Janelle wrote up a business plan for the fitness center the family is trying to open. She revealed that her own weight loss was a major eye opener about the positive effect fitness can have on people’s lives, and now she wants to help people “regain their lives” through fitness. Kody is supportive of Janelle’s dream, but admitted he’s concerned about the financial impact it could have on their family.

Meanwhile, Kody and Meri decided to consult a fertility specialist about their problems getting pregnant. As the first wife, Meri struggled while watching her fellow sister wives have children before her. She revealed that after they had their first daughter, Mariah, she suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage.

“I didn’t understand why after another 12 years of trying,” Meri said through tears. “And then it was taken away from us and I didn’t understand that.”

After one fertility specialist recommended IVF, Meri and Kody decided to get a second opinion. The second specialist recommended using donor eggs, but the couple didn’t think that would be an option for them either.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Kody attended a special dance for daughters and fathers at the kids’ elementary school. The girls were extremely excited and dressed up for the occasion, and Meri even came over to Robyn‘s house to help get the girls ready for the dance. Meri admitted she feels separated from the young children because of their distant homes.

Later, in a confession, Robyn warmly told Meri, “I want my kids to have the exposure of you as a mother.”

The women then decided to decorate Kody’s car as a Valentine’s Day surprise. Robyn planned to ask Kody to borrow his car because she had a flat tire, and Kody almost ruined the surprise by trying to fix her tire instead of lending her the car! Thankfully, Christine helped distract Kody and the plan worked perfectly. Robyn told Kody she wrecked the car and needed him to come look at it, which is when the family surprised Kody with balloons and pink writing all over his car. Kody presented each of the wives with a bouquet of flowers to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The family met with the loan officer and were shocked to learn that one of the properties they were looking at had been sold and the price was going to be double what they thought. The family decided that the best plan was to move on and keep looking for homes.

Do you think the Browns are making the right decision, HollywoodLifers?

— Jenny Pickard

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