Did Mark Zuckerberg Cheap Out On Priscilla Chan's Wedding Ring?

While you would expect the bride of a billionaire to show off a blinding, big diamond, the new Mrs. Zuckerberg is sporting a modest ruby ring! Do you think Mark's girlfriend of nine years deserved something bigger? Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony just last weekend, proving that the couple is so down-to-earth -- and just days after saying 'I do,' the new bride was spotted at lunch in Palo Alto, where she showed off her wedding ring for the very first time. Given Mark's new status as a billionaire, Priscilla could easily rock a ring that would rival Kim Kardashian's -- but that wasn't the case! Instead, the new Mrs. Zuckerberg debuted a modest ruby ring on her finger.

Priscilla Chan Wedding Ring

Mark designed the ring himself and presented it to his bride during the ceremony in the couple’s Palo Alto backyard. The only information out about the ring is that it’s a, “very simple ruby.” While many are quick to say the brand-new billionaire cheaped out on his girlfriend of nine years, he could have selected the ruby for it’s sentimental value, especially within the Asian culture. This wouldn’t be surprising, considering the couple hosted food from their favorite local restaurants and the very same dessert the duo feasted on on their first date during their wedding reception.

While a ruby widely represents passion and love, it’s also a sign of wisdom — and it’s held in high esteem in Asian countries. The precious stone was once used to adorn the armor of Indian and Chinese noblemen. It’s said rubies are even beneath the foundation of buildings in Asia, to bring good fortune.

Despite their new-found fortune, the couple is incredibly down-to-earth — and they didn’t splurge on their reception, either! The bride walked down the aisle in a $4,700 dress, and the meals from the local Mexican restuarant cost an estimated $7 per plate — while the desserts were priced at $3 a piece.

I’m sure Mark’s new wife, who is American-Chinese, truly appreciated the sentiment behind her new wedding bling — although I doubt any woman would be disappointed if she were presented with an exquisite diamond!

What do you think? Is the ring a true symbol of their relationship or do you think Mark could have splurged a bit more?

Katrina Mitzeliotis

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