'16 & Pregnant' Recap: Briana's Baby Daddy Storms Out Of The Hospital After A Bitter Argument

MTV Shows On top of dealing with her pregnancy, the teen mom must handle MAJOR issues — including a grieving sister and a baby daddy who refuses to see his own child! Briana Dejesus' story is probably one of the most heartbreaking 16 and Pregnant episodes I've ever seen! Her (now) ex-boyfriend is so uninvolved in her baby's life, it's no wonder she left his name off the birth certificate. In another twist, Briana's sister Brittany gets pregnant too and opts for an abortion — a decision that puts Briana's own choices into view.

Even though Briana doesn’t have a dad around, she’s very close with her sister and mom. In fact, Briana and her sister got pregnant around the same time. But Briana chose to keep the baby, and Brittany decided to get an abortion. Brittany is supportive of her little sister, but it’s obvious she’s grieving and jealous of the attention Briana’s getting. On the other hand, Briana is jealous of her sister’s ability to go out and be with friends. Obviously, it causes a lot of tension in the family.

Briana’s sister and mom are so supportive and helpful, but her baby daddy Devon is one of the worst dads in the 16 & Pregnant franchise. The jerk blatantly refuses to answer Briana’s many calls and texts inviting him to participate in preparing for the baby. Forced to make plans without him, Briana decides she’s going to name her daughter Nova. When Devon finally decides to meet up with Briana to talk, he complains he didn’t get to pick the name.

“If you want the [baby to have your] last name, then you show me you want the last name,” Briana tells him. She says she’s only asking for him to get a job to help support the child. But he complains that she’s stressing him out because she’s “forcing” him to find work.

Sorry buddy, but if you’re old enough to get a girl pregnant, you’re old enough to get a job.

Since Devon is useless, Briana’s mom agrees to assist Briana with money until she finishes school and can start her own career. Briana knows she needs more than a high school diploma, and she’s determined to get an education.

Later, Briana goes to a haunter house with her sister and friends, but turns out it’s time for the baby! Surprisingly, Devon shows up for the birth. He sticks around long enough to find out that Briana isn’t going to give Nova his last name on the birth certificate. Furious, he curses her family out and storms off to go play basketball with his buddies. Keep it classy, Devon.

My heart broke as I watched Briana struggle to breastfeed and burp Nova. It’s so obvious she’s frustrated and starting to feel the consequences of what’s happened.

Weeks later, Devon finally graces us with his presence to see his child for the first time since the birth. He brings along Pedro the friend and spends more time texting than actually holding Nova. “How do you learn how to feed your baby if you’re on your cell phone?” Brittany asks. Even as Briana’s mom tries to have a serious conversation with him about Nova, he keeps texting right through it. “You don’t think that’s disrespectful?” she questions. No, he does not.

Instead, he complains that Briana and her mom are fighting with him, so he’s off without even saying goodbye to Nova. Ugh, he is the WORST. “He doesn’t love Nova enough to stop what he’s doing,” Briana says.

Later, he says he wants to meet up with Briana to talk without her mom around, so she agrees to meet at a restaurant with Nova in tow. 30 minutes later, and he still isn’t there. OMG I HATE HIM. Crying, poor Briana has to call her mom to pick her up because the jerk stood her and his baby daughter up.

It is probably one of the saddest scenes I’ve ever seen in Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant history.

Even more heartbreaking is watching Briana see her sister go off and have fun with her friends — the life Briana could have had. She admits to her sister that if she could go back, she would have made the same decision Brittany did. She doesn’t regret having Nova, but she would trade places with Brittany any day.

Briana closes her episode with very wise words: “Never make a permanent decision on temporary feelings.”

BFFs — What did YOU think of the episode? Were you as mad at Devon as I was? What do you think of the contrast between Brittany and Briana’s lives? Share your thoughts!

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