'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik's Cheating Scandal Leaves Courtney Robertson Heartbroken — Report

Ben has allegedly been hooking up with three other women. Witnesses and sources reveal that two of them spent the night at Ben's apartment. Read on for all of the details. Ben Flajnik is so fed up with the way that his rumored fiancee Courtney Robertson is acting on The Bachelor that after watching her on the show, Ben has been cheating on her with other women. And while Ben hasn't officially dumped Courtney, he's allegedly flaunting his affairs out in public.

Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson

“Ben began having issues with what he saw,” a source tells Us magazine. “Instead of talking to Courtney about it, he just started avoiding her. They haven’t split, but he basically stopped talking to her.”

Instead of facing Courtney, Ben has reportedly been spotted going out with three different women, and two have spent the night with him.

On Feb. 17, Ben was spotted out partying in San Francisco. He left Monaghan’s around 2 am with his friends and four girls — two were for him, two were with his friends, reveals an insider.

“Ben seemed pretty toasted, and this woman in red pants came up to him,” notes an onlooker. “It looked like an altercation at first, then he kissed her on the mouth and hugged her. She wrapped her arms completely around him and embraced him. After the kiss, she walked the other way.”

After leaving the bar, Ben and the group headed for a late night food run and then he took one girl home (according to a source, he met this girl in Las Vegas on Feb. 14). “Ben and this girl looked like they were having a good time,” says a witness. “They were doing weird dance moves, laughing and joking.” The girl stayed at Ben’s and left his home the next day wearing her going out clothes.

The next day, Ben allegedly had another woman stay over . They were spotted making out in a park before heading back to his pad. “The woman’s hands were all over Ben’s body and his hands were on her ass the entire time,” shares a source.

While it’s hard to feel bad for Courtney, should Ben really be running around on Courtney?

“Courtney did develop feelings for Ben,” says an insider. “She cares for him and wants to make it work. [But] Courtney is really frustrated. She’s trying to figure things out, but he isn’t talking to her.”

Ben has reportedly told friends that “things aren’t good” between him and Courtney — but he hasn’t officially ended the engagement. “They have not had a breakup talk, but it’s been very tense between them,” confesses a source. “She feels very disconnected from him, and he can’t stand confrontation.”

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