Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush Planning To Elope — New Report

Kim has reportedly been hopping on private planes in the middle of the night to fly down to Miami to hook up with Reggie -- but he won't marry her until she gives in to his demands! Kim Kardashian isn't even officially single and she's already planning her next wedding! The E! reality star is reportedly doing everything she can to win her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush back and that includes giving up her reality TV career!

Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush married

Kim flew to see Reggie in early February but Reggie told her he didn’t want to be photographed in public, according to InTouch

“She didn’t go out once,” says a source. “And they weren’t seen in public together per his request.”

Kim is in the midst of a bitter divorce battle with Kris Humphries, but Reggie has reportedly agreed to marry Kim when the divorce circus is over.

“She’s insisting that she wants to run off with him to marry,” a friend of Kim says. “It’ll be very private.”

Reggie is willing to give Kim another chance if she promises to agree to these three things: stop seeking publicity, give up her reality TV career, and finalize her divorce with Kris quietly.

“Reggie wants Kim to completely disappear from the public eye,” an insider says. “Kim thinks Reggie is the one so she’s going to try her best.”

— Chloe Melas

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