‘Jersey Shore’ Recap: Snooki Asks Deena If She Can Watch Her Have Sex

The tanned pickle lover has no problem oversharing about her UTI and she decides to just drink her problems away -- don't you love how open she is on the show? Snooki wants you to know everything about her and we love her for it! On the Feb. 16 episode of Jersey Shore, the reality star complains that she has a horrible urinary tract infection but then she decides to just drink in excess to make the pain go away. 

“Honestly, I drank so much that my frickin’ UTI was drunk,” she says. “So now I know that I’m happy, he’s happy, everybody’s happy.”

Wow, talk about too much information! But the best part came when Snooki was stuck in the living room with Deena’s new beau Joey, and when she finds out he didn’t bring condoms with him, she goes to steal one from Pauly instead. Then she asks Deena and Joey if she can watch them have sex — what?!

Mike The Situation gets blamed again for something that he didn’t do. I’m sure we’re about to see him snap on the next episode, can’t wait! The girls bake a cake for their boss since they keep skipping work but they wake up and see that half of their cake is eaten! So Snooki and Deena immediately blame Mike but it was actually Pauly D who ate the cake.

But the best part of the episode comes when Mike suggests that Snooki reenact a scene from the film Varsity Blues in which the stars cover themselves in whipped cream and then have sex. Needless to say, that didn’t happen.

— Chloe Melas

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