'Glee's' New God Squad Character Joe Hart Deserves To Stay

Samuel Larsen, an addictively handsome dude who debuted his home-schooled 'Christian'character, Joe Hart, on 'Glee's Valentine's Day episode last night (Feb. 14) MUST become a regular cast member! Agree? Glee's needed some fresh blood for a long time and first it got a refreshing dose when the first Glee Project winner Damian McGinty a.k.a. Rory Flanagan arrived at McKinley High as a transfer student from Ireland.

But now that new God Squad member Joseph Hart (Larsen) has transferred into the school with his chest-length dreadlocks, dreamy face, rocking body covered in Bible quote tattoos, and a voice that is truly angelic, the show suddenly feels like it’s a full-on refreshing makeover.

Hart is so naively friendly having spent his entire life being homeschooled that almost everything he says feels funny and when Quinn (Dianna Agron) said he’s “like a teen Jesus,” she was absolutely right.

It was about time to take a break from Blaine (Darren Criss), and Blaine and Kurt (Chris Colfer), and Rachel (Lea Michele), and Rachel and Finn (Cory Monteith). And with handsome Joe Hart now invading the New Directions just think of the new romantic possibilities. It’s time for Quinn to have a new hook-up or could he lure Brittany (Heather Morris) away from Santana (Naya Rivera).

The addition of Joe Hart as well the long awaited intro of Rachel’s two dads — hilariously played by Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell, plus fantastic renditions of “I Will Always Love You,” by Mercedes, “Cherish,” by Quinn and “Love Shack” by Blaine, made it the best Glee episode of the season.

But I’m already hating the idea that Glee Project winners Samuel Larsen and Damian McGinty only “won” seven episodes of appearances.

Say it isn’t so Ryan Murphy. These winner are WINNERS! Enroll them into McKinley and New Directions until graduation!

— Bonnie Fuller

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