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'One Tree Hill' Recap: Nathan Goes Missing & Brooke Declares War

Wed, February 8, 2012 10:35pm EDT by 3 Comments
Courtesy of The CW

The Feb. 8 episode of ‘One Tree Hill’ proved to be a step towards improvement for some characters — and for others, well, not so much.

Julian (Austin Nichols) was still overly-stressed this week about leaving Davis in the car. He even took Davis to the doctor and insisted something was wrong, or will be wrong with him. The doctor’s orders? A day of rest and relaxation — for Julian. Meanwhile, Brooke (Sophia Bush)’s battle with Tara (Chelsea Kane) turned into an all-out war when Brooke realized Tara may have written a note on Julian’s car, which read: “Fry burgers, not your babies.” Except Brooke didn’t fight Tara — she destroyed her restaurant (refer to the flashback in the season opener). (I may have cheered and yelled ‘rock on, Brooke!’ at my television during that scene.)

Clay (Robert Buckley) checked in to a mental facility and was diagnosed with a fugue disorder. The psychiatrist mentioned Clay may have suppressed some type of horrible memory that caused him to disconnect and wander. Jamie (Jackson Brundage), however, chose to believe Clay was a werewolf (a completely logical explanation, if you ask me). A bright side of Clay’s stay at the facility was that he took a step towards getting better and he met the most adorable kid ever, Logan. Maybe, together, these two will learn not to be afraid of their problems.

Chase (Stephen Colletti) slept with Tara — again — and this time, they woke up to Chuck (aka “Kid Keller”) starring at them. In other words, after Chuck realized she was Chris Keller’s lady, Chase had some ‘splanin to do. Chuck really wanted Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton) to meet his father, who was scheduled to return to Tree Hill, but despite his current streak of irresponsibility, Chase is the one who showed up after Chris Keller blew him off. It looks like the bromance between Chase and Chris Keller won’t last much longer.

Finally, viewers can chalk up “maybe he just missed his plane” as the most-used line in One Tree Hill history — and there have been nine seasons! Nathan (James Lafferty) is still nowhere to be found and Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) turned to the cops, asked for help from a lady who worked at the airport and resulted to blaming Dan Scott (Paul Johansson) for Nathan’s disappearance. Dan knew he’d have to leave once Nathan returned, and what better way to get close to your family than by burning down your restaurant and to kidnapping your own son? Haley eventually called the cops and informed them there was a murderer in her house.

Despite everything that happened during the episode, there was one event that really shocked me: For a split second, I actually developed a soft spot for Dan Scott. I am fully prepared to retract that statement if he so chooses to attempt to drown someone in the ocean — again — or if we find out he had anything to do with Nathan’s disappearance. However, because he was so eager to get close to his family, and because he was so nice to Quinn (Shantel VanSanten), Dan Scott and I are on good terms.

For now.

— Jaymie Bailey