'Jersey Shore' Recap: Snooki Pees On Herself & Mike The Situation Thinks The House Hates Him

Snooki accidentally pees on herself at the bar and decides to spray perfume up her dress so that no one will know -- have you ever done this before? Mike The Situation has some serious problems! On the Feb. 2 episode of Jersey Shore he is complaining that the entire house doesn't like him and that he wants to "fix" whatever problems he might have caused. His nice guy act is really freaking the house out and they don't know how to handle it -- but it won't last very long!

The cast goes to the bar to celebrate Vinny’s return to the house. But while on the dance floor, Snooki pees all over herself. Does it bother her? Nope! “Honestly, I don’t care. Don’t call me dirty! I’m not dirty. I smell phenomenal.”

She ends up passing out in her urine-filled panties but the next day, she decides to put on two pairs of underwear! Good thinking!

Mike tries to sit the house down and work things out because he’s really upset that Pauly D finds him to be so toxic. But there’s no coming to a common ground between these two!

But Mike’s super sweet act doesn’t last long, he wakes up the next day and decides he still wants to ruin Snooki’s life. What a great guy!

Tune in next week at 10pm ET on MTV to see if Mike can successfully breakup Snooki and Gionni!

— Chloe Melas

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