'KKTNY' Recap: Kris Humphries Rudely Calls Kim's Best Friend Gay & Kim Calls Kris 'Annoying'

Kris Humphries reaches a new low when he confronts Jonathan Cheban about his sexuality and they get into a HUGE fight! Do you think it was wrong of Kris? Kim Kardashian is absolutely shocked when her husband Kris Humphries decides to ask Jonathan Cheban if he's gay while out shopping on the Jan. 1 episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York.

Kim Kardashian Recap

Kris really just doesn’t know how to control himself. When Kris gets dragged along to go shopping with Kim and her bestie Jonathan, Kris thinks it’s the right time to question Jonathan’s sexuality — and Jonathan storms out of the store! We don’t blame Jonathan one bit!

Kris just can’t believe that Jonathan could be straight but even if he feels that way he shouldn’t have taken it upon himself to “out” Jonathan. Kris thinks it’s weird that Jonathan never brings a girl around and even asks Jonathan’s business partner Simon Huck if there’s chance Jonathan is gay and Simon doesn’t even know the answer.

Kim tries to get Kris and Jonathan to resolve their issues by having them join her for a late lunch on the rooftop at the Gansevoort hotel but it just turns into a major fight.

Jonathan is rightfully upset so he starts making jabs at Kris and even calls him “unemployed” because at the time the NBA lockout was still in full swing. Kris freaks out and starts calling Jonathan names and then they cut the lunch short.

Kim and Kris get a big surprise when they’re invited over to Jonathan’s house. Jonathan decides to prove he’s not gay by inviting a “date” over to his apartment and it’s a girl! But even though Jonathan goes out of his way to bring a girl around, Kris still doesn’t buy it. Kris even asks the girl in front of everyone if she thought Jonathan was gay when she first met him — how rude is that?!

Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian becomes obsessed with “couponing.” Kourtney starts clipping coupons and buying large quantities of unnecessary items which in turns starts freaking out her boyfriend Scott Disick. They eventually have an intervention to make Kourtney realize that she doesn’t need to buy tons of toilet paper and mayonnaise because it’s actually a waste of money.

Something very interesting and telling happens at one point in the episode. Kim calls Kris “the most annoying person in the world.” It’s at that moment that you as the viewer realize that Kim really isn’t into her marriage. She really doesn’t respect Kris’ outspoken ways and she can’t even hide her true feelings when the cameras are around. She’s not very affectionate to Kris and she really just finds everything he does to be … well … annoying!

Kris eventually calls Jonathan and invites him over to have a drink to apologize. It was the right thing to do and a mature move on Kris’ part to realize he was really wrong for calling Jonathan out like that on so many occasions.

The episode ends with a clip of Kim going away on a girls weekend with Kourtney. It makes us wonder if she’ll tell Kourtney that her marriage is crumbling.

Tune in next week for an all-new episode!

— Chloe Melas

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