Corey Simms & New GF Summer Tavarez: Their Love Story

Summer reveals all of the personal details of her relationship with Corey to exclusively. Teen Mom 2 star Corey Simms has moved on from Leah Messer and has a new love interest, Summer Tavarez. Summer tells exclusively about how she met Corey, what she loves about him and their plans for the future.

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Corey Simms And GF Summer Tavarez

“We have friends who know each other so we met through other people,” Summer reveals to us. “We’ve only been dating for two weeks now but we’ve been hanging out a month and a half.”

Summer is totally crushing on her new man. “I’m in that corny stage right now,” she shares. “He’s a great guy. He makes me laugh constantly. When we’re together, I’m so happy. We kind of live a little far from each other so he has to come and see me. We see each other 3-4 times a week. It’s like an hour drive. After he leaves, I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t want him to leave.’ He makes the effort. We always talk. He’ll come and stop and see me at work sometimes. We definitely have a good connection and making an effort to make it work.”

Corey and Summer became official on Dec. 15. “It wasn’t planned. It just kind of happened,” recalls Summer. “I was like, ‘Whenever you feel like you can’t stand that I’m not yours then that’s when we’ll be together.’ It happened that way. He was like, ‘I want to be with you.’ He’s really really good to me.”

For their first date, Corey took Summer to dinner. “We went to Texas Steak house,” she remembers. “Then we went to see Christmas lights. It was sweet. He drove all the way to Cross Lanes to pick me up.”

Cory and Summer didn’t kiss on their first date. “I think it was our third date,” she gushes. “He’s really shy. It was cute. It was just a little kiss goodbye. I was so nervous and then it happened. I was like, ‘Aww that was so sweet.'”

But while Summer is smitten with Corey, she’s in no rush to walk down the aisle. “I’m not in a rush for kids or marriage,” she admits. “If it happens, I’m all for it. But, I just graduated from college. I live on my own right now. I’m really devoted to being successful with work and school. I’m thinking about going back to get my masters.”

“We have just said we are going to take everything day by day,” she adds. “Just try to see where things go. Not try and rush anything especially with everything that comes a long with it. Just enjoying the every day because we don’t want to put pressure on it. We’re happy right now.”

The fact that Corey is divorced doesn’t bother Summer. “We’ve very open about everything,” she explains. “That’s one thing I love about Corey, we talk about everything. We have the best conversations. We talk about Leah. We talk about my ex. We just want to know where we’ve been and how to deal with the past to do better in the future. Im 24 and I had a boyfriend on and off for years. I definitely learned from that.”

Corey is perfect for Summer. “Really my problem has been that I’m 24 and a lot of guys around here aren’t settled down,” she confesses. “I already have my own place, I own my car, I graduated from college. I’m trying to better myself and I couldn’t find someone who was on the same level as me. Corey is definitely on the same level as me. He trying to be the best that he can in life to have something for the future. That’s where I’m at right now. Hes 21. I don’t think about it really. He’s mature.”

– Lindsey DiMattina