Sarah Hyland & Matt Prokop Gush About Living Together!

The Modern Family star reveals her feelings on shacking up with her boyfriend in LA. What makes their living situation so unique is that Sarah Hyland, 20, and Matt Prokop, 21, talk about it freely!

While appearing on The View on October 19, Sarah and her boyfriend were grilled by the ladies on their living situation.

“We met at mix and match for High School Musical 3, but were never paired up,” Matt told the ladies. This was a process where producers wanted to see which couple had the best chemistry. At the time, Sarah lived in New York and Matt in Los Angeles and they started out as friends.

After Sarah went to LA, she was like “Okay, let’s try this [living together].” They were 19 when they first moved in with each other.

But how does Sarah feel about living with her boyfriend? “I like it, I like it, I like it,” she said.

“I have someone who can always test my cooking,” Matt adds, “We’re like the couple on Whitney, we’re a sweatpants couple!”

Whoopie Goldberg even made a note “Look how comfortable they are [with each other].” It’s true, the two have great chemistry!

How does Sarah attempt to keep their house tidy? “I clean up the puppy pads,” she laughs.

According to AOL TV, earlier this year when Sarah visited the ladies she told them the pros and cons of living with her BF, “Pros, it’s cheaper. Cons, we’re both really lazy. So, laundry and dishes, we complain about that.”

It’s nice to see a young couple in Hollywood making their relationship work! Matt and Sarah are set to star in the Disney Channel original movie, Geek Charming, airing November 11th!

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