Nancy Grace Blames Fart On ‘DWTS’ Partner! That’s Just Wrong!

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we have a clear case of 'She who smelt it, dealt it.' Let's get to the bottom of this mystery, shall we? Nancy Grace may be a former prosecutor, but when it comes to getting her fact straight, she really stinks. Nancy originally denied farting on the Oct. 3 episode of Dancing with the Stars, also "exonerating" partner Tristan MacManus and host Brooke Burke as potential fart culprits. But now she's changing her story, totally pointing the finger -- which I hope no one pulls -- at Tristan!

Nancy Grace Fart

“If you listen very carefully to that clip, it has an Irish accent,” she now tells TMZ.

Not only is it an unpardonable sin to blame your fart on someone else (seriously, it should have been included in the Ten Commandments) but to throw your dance partner under the bus (or the “fart bus,” as TMZ puts it) is simply inexcusable.

Also, does Nancy think we have the collective memory span of a goldfish? Less than two weeks ago, she had an epic nip slip on DWTS, then had the nerve to tell America it was a “flower petal.” (I know a nipple when I see one, Nancy. I have two of them. Thanks.) As far as I’m concerned, any future denials she makes should be immediately interpreted as admissions of guilt.

But because I like to play Devil’s Advocate — and I really want to keep writing about farting — I’ll give Nancy the benefit of the doubt here. Maybe she thinks these gassy shenanigans will keep people talking about her, and therefore keep people voting for her.

Well, Nancy, it worked. After a nip slip and a farty party, I anxiously await to see which bodily disaster you’ll unleash upon the American audience next. Assuming it’s worth the wait — I’ll accept nothing less than you dropping one on the dance floor — you’ve got my vote!

— Andy Swift

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