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Selena Gomez Pranks Justin Bieber — He Was Totally Shocked! Can YOU Guess What She Did?

Mon, October 3, 2011 5:58pm EDT by 14 Comments
Selena Gomez Pranks Justin Bieber

With the help of one of Justin Bieber’s buddies, Selena Gomez played a trick on him he’ll never forget. He actually thought she was getting grills!

Selena Gomez was not a fan of Justin Bieber getting grills made, even if they were just for fun — so imagine his shock and surprise when she tricked him into believing she was getting some jewels made for her teeth!

Last Friday, Selena, 19, was judging a Disney Channel show with Sean Kingston when she met the guy who made her boyfriend’s grill, Ben Baller from IF & Co.

According to Ben, Selena wasn’t too stoked about meeting him originally, but then she concocted an idea, which he wrote about on his blog:

“Selena says ‘ohhhh I don’t like you! you’re the one who made Justin’s grill huh?’ I said yeah….. does he wear it?’ Selena said ‘YES! he definitely wears it! (stone face towards me) and I’m thinking to myself like damn…. she’s actually really sweet though, I can tell lol… so She says let’s play a prank on Justin…. and I agreed (why not right?) let’s take a pic and then send the guys the pic and under it say ‘guess who’s getting a grill?'”

Ben posted screen grabs of everyone’s response. The first to respond was Justin’s bodyguard, Kenny, who said, “No way! Lol.”

Justin’s response was a little more intense.

“I didn’t say it was a joke or anything… a few hours later, I get a text from Justin saying ‘call me’ and I’m like…. damn, he’s gonna be mad or tell me to take it down….” Ben wrote.

He continued the saga, writing, “he says ‘cmon bro. is she really getting a grill? (I’ve talked to him enough on the phone to know his voice and different sounds, from regular to really happy) and he was definitely concerned like ‘please say it’s a joke’…. so I’m thinking to myself, like damn, I know in the last 3 hours he’s had to have talked to his girl and he had to ask her…. I can’t believe she’s really stringing this little prank along for so long…. she’s really cool for playing the joke for real! haha”

We love how concerned Justin was about Selena. He’s so protective! That said, what’s even more awesome was how down Selena was to joke around with him. She strung him out for hours!

Can you believe Selena pranked the prankster?

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