Former NFLer Tiki Barber & Fiancee Traci Lynn Johnson Torment His Estranged Wife With Racy Lingerie Shoot!

Tiki Barber -- Have you NO sense of decency? The half naked photos of Traci Lynn in the new Maxim magazine and salacious interview about your sex life are sure to stab your wife Ginny in the heart. As if dumping Ginny, your wife of 11 years, when she was eight months pregnant with twins wasn't enough, now your 24-year-old fiancee is groping her breasts and revealing how you like to walk around naked in a new Maxim feature.

The blatantly sexy photos of your much younger, 5′ 10″ blonde hottie, have just been revealed on Maxim magazine’s web site, along with a video of Traci Lynn fondling herself and talking about what turns her on:

Tiki likes to walk around the house naked, but that’s OK,” reveals the blonde husband-stealer. ” I do too — so that’s why we’re such a good match.”

She also reveals that to be her man, “you definitely have to keep up on the tequila shots (with me) and she loves to “stand at the pantry in a t-shirt and eat Nutella straight out of the jar.”

I guess Ginny, Tiki’s girlfriend since college, who is also the mother of his sons, A. J., 7, and Chason, 6,  besides the twin girls, born May 24, 2010, didn’t have the opportunity to walk around the house naked, what with all those kids around. Nor did she have the opportunity too often to go out and down multiple tequila shots when she had to take care of Tiki’s brood. Tiki must not have found Ginny’s tame ways to exciting!

And clearly Tiki didn’t appreciate the value of a woman who supported him while he built his career, and then gave birth to his children.

Clearly he places more value on a “5′ 10″ platinum blonde in high heels,” as Traci Lynn describes herself, rather than loyalty and family.

Meanwhile, Tiki has claimed poverty in his divorce battle with Ginny after losing his $300,000 NBC on air contract, apparently over a “morality clause.”

In other words, he lost the job after his affair with Traci Lynn Johnson, who was just a college student, when he began romancing her, became public.

But I guess nothing should surprise us about Tiki’s creepiness. He’s proposed to Traci Lynn although he’s still married to Ginny. But then being able to get naked, drink vodka and watch Traci Lynn roll around on film in a scanty black garter belt, panties and bra makes up for losing your career and family!

What do you think, Hollywoodlifers?

–Bonnie Fuller

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