Lea Michele & Her Boyfriend Act Like Rude Divas While Watching Broadway Show — Eyewitness Account!

An eyewitness tells HollywoodLife.com Lea Michele and her longtime boyfriend Theo Stockman were less than perfect audience members at 'Hair' in New York City July 13. Why are we not surprised? Guess what Lea Michele was doing when news broke of her time on Glee ending after season three? In true Rachel Berry form, she was acting like a diva! HollywoodLife.com spoke with an eyewitness who said the 24-year-old actress and her boyfriend, Theo Stockman, were inconsiderate audience members when they saw the musical Hair on Broadway July 13.

Apparently, Lea was on the phone texting — or maybe tweeting — the entire time. “Lea was completely rude. It’s annoying when people are on their phones during Broadway shows in general, but for a Broadway star to do it?” our insider said.

Theo, who’s also a Broadway star, wasn’t any better than his girlfriend. Our source said he was sporting a hat that was blocking the view for a little kid and his mother sitting behind him.

“The little kid’s mom asked Theo if he would take off his hat after the show started, but he gave her attitude and just kept it on,” the eyewitness remembered. “Twenty minutes later he took it off, turned around and waved at her — but then he put it back on for act two!”

“They left the show right before it was over, probably because they invite the audience to dance on stage at the end.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve witnessed diva-esque behavior from Lea. She gets more and more like her character, Rachel Berry, every day!

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