Bonnie Says: Poor Pin Thin Kate Middleton Probably Fears Being Called 'Princess of Pork', Like Sarah Ferguson!

Poor Kate Middleton! She’s smart, beautiful, married to the man she loves and no doubt fears being called fat, so she’d rather wither away than put some meat on her bones.

Kate did a spectacular job on her Royal Tour of the US proving to be a warm, empathetic woman with great style. But she also stunned people , including celebrities,who saw her  in person– she was so THIN!

Now apparently royal insiders have said that Kate would rather that people be concerned with her dropping lbs, than be criticizing her for gaining weight.

She no doubt is keeping in mind the drubbing William’s Aunt, poor Sarah Ferguson took in the press, when she was married to Prince Charles’ younger brother, Andrew.

The flame -haired Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, wasn’t even overweight — she was curvy.

However, the scathing British tabloid press called her horrible names, most famously — The Duchess of Pork,” and “Fat, frumpy Fergie.”

The name-calling was incredibly hurtful, Sarah recently revealed on the TV show “Finding Sarah,” on Oprah‘s own network. “Stupidly I believed it , so the self-sabotage kicked in,” she confided.

So you can see how Kate Middleton would feel pressured to eat less and get skinnier and skinnier.

I say Kate — stop worrying. Eat what you want. It’s more important for you to be healthy, than anything else! William will love you whether you’re 95 or 135 lbs, and so will we!

Now listen to Chloe Melas and I sound off about Kate’s weight!

— Bonnie Fuller


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