‘Bachelor Pad’ Producer Fired For Hooking Up With A Contestant!

Craig Robinson claims the woman's advances cost him a slot on the show -- and her a marriage! Bachelor and Bachelorette spinoff Bachelor Pad is always great television, but it seems like the behind-the-scenes drama is even hotter than the show itself!

Contestant Craig Robinson, who was on The Bachelorette season featuring Ali Fedotowsky, says he was pursued by married mother of two Karri-Leigh Mastrangelo, Star reports.

“It was sort of like workplace sexual harassment,” Craig says. “But I realized that if I rejected her advances, I’d probably ruin my chances to be on Bachelor Pad.”

Craig, 27, became uneasy with how aggressive she was.

“She kind of lost her mind,” he said. “She sent me a lot of messages saying that she was in love with me and could see a future between us. She texted me several photos, a couple in really racy lingerie — pushing her boobs up — and one in a dominatrix outfit.”

Unfortunately, Craig acted on the seduction, “making out” with Karri and continuing a phone relationship. But not only did it cost him a spot on the show, but it cost Karri her job AND her family.

“[Karri] told me [her husband] smashed her phone, left the house and left her,” Craig said.

Karri further confirmed these allegations, along with saying she was no longer involved with Bachelor Pad.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers — is this the biggest TV scandal ever?

— William Earl

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