Emma Watson's Brown University Peers Protected Her, Not Bullied Her! Exclusive

Despite reports bullies at Brown University forced Emma Watson to drop out of school, sources tell us Emma's colleagues were "very protective" of the actress who "often kept to herself socially." Rumors have been swirling over the real reason Emma Watson dropped out of Brown University, after allegations arose that students bullied Emma over her Harry Potter fame. Emma has denied being bullied at school, and HollywoodLife.com spoke to multiple sources at Brown who add that not only was Emma not bullied, her classmates tried to protect her from unnecessary media attention.

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“Many of the students at Brown, especially Emma’s friends, were very protective of her. They tried to help her avoid the cameras that would occasionally follow her on campus,” says our source.

Another insider adds, “She was always met with kindness, and she always gave it back when anyone would interact with her. The bullying thing was never an issue.”

The source reflects on Emma’s time at Brown as one driven by academics and not a social life. “She didn’t really seem to have that much fun while she was at Brown. She loved the school for her classes and everything she learned, but socially it was lacking. Many people hit up Boston or NYC on the weekends or went to the Providence mall. She wasn’t often seen at Brown parties.” The Daily Mail reports Emma became close with fellow high-profile students Scout Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and Madison Utendahl, whose father dates Tyra Banks.

“Emma has enjoyed her time at Brown tremendously and made many friends there who she keeps in constant contact with. She has now decided to change university, but not for the bullying, as that is just completely untrue. She has just decided to continue with a different course. But, for reasons of security I am not prepared to divulge which university she will be attending,” her rep announced after the reports of bullying began. The Harry Potter star adds, “[Being teased for Harry Potter at Brown] has never happened to me. Maybe someone said it under their breath, but I’ve never, ever had anyone say that when I’ve been in a class.”

It’s often hard for celebrities to adjust to normal college lives, especially at the height of their fame, unless they are in big cosmopolitan cities where being discreet and blending in is more feasible. Where do you think Emma should go to school? Sound off below!

Lorena O’Neil with reporting by Russ Weakland

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