'RHONY' Preview: Alex McCord's A Model? But She Can't Zip Up Her Dress!

Alex says she’s blessed with a naturally thin bone structure and can eat whatever she wants! Then she runs into trouble in the fitting room!

On the April 21 episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, Alex McCord starts her career as a celebrity model — only Alex has some major issues to deal with at her first photo shoot. Despite how skinny proclaims to be, Alex can’t pull the dress that she’s supposed to wear for the shoot up over her thighs — even with someone else helping her to tug and pull it on!

“I’m starting a new chapter in my life in my thirties as a model,” Alex tells the cameras. “It’s exciting, it’s fun and it’s glamorous.”

“Throughout my life I have always had a very clear picture of what I look like physically,” she continues. “I’m grateful that I really don’t have to watch my weight. I can pretty much eat whatever I want and not have issues with that.” Yet she can’t zipper her dress?

“Looks are a matter of genetics,” Alex says. “It’s a happy accident.”

For Alex, modeling is not about the fame and glam — she’s already got that from the housewives franchise. No for Alex, it’s about the cash flow!

“I’m not interested in doing fashion shows or photo shoots just to have a fun day and be glamorous and be silly,” Alex says. “I’m interested in it to make money.”

Be sure to tune into Bravo tonight to catch an all-new episode of RHONY — and to see if Alex can pull of this modeling gig successfully!

– Lindsey DiMattina

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