'Paralyzed And Pregnant With Twins'—An Update!

Claudia Salley is one of only 10 known paralyzed women in the US to have ever successfully given birth to twins! Her story is AMAZING! In 2006 Claudia Salley and her husband, Jamey, were driving to the mall to go Christmas shopping with their 4-month-old infant son, Levi in the backseat when they were rear-ended by an 18-wheeler semi. Little baby Levi was killed instantly and Claudia was left paralyzed from the armpits down. In spite of being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life, in 2009 Claudia discovered she was pregnant! Then the sonogram revealed she and Jamey were expecting twins! This amazing woman was featured on the show, Paralyzed and Pregnant with Twins on Discovery Fit & Health channel, (currently airing in re-runs) and after we cried through the whole show, we just had to find out what ever happened to this courageous lady! 

On October 16, 2009 Eli and Isaac Salley were born. Both boys are healthy and happy, and Claudia is one of only 10 known cases in the US of a paralyzed woman successfully giving birth to twins. “They challenge me every day to make me the best mom I can be,” says Claudia. “There are challenges: for example I won’t be able to run after them if  they get hurt. Or if one of them is too low I can’t physically pick him up, but I have someone here who can do that for me.”

Levi would have been three years older than his little brothers. “It’s hard to believe the changes of the last three years,” says Claudia. “I think about Levi every day and wonder what he’d be doing right now.”

Claudia plans to return to school and become a nurse practitioner. “Right now I’m enjoying every second with these beautiful boys. They’re miracles, and I know they are. Every day I get to spend with my twins is a blessing,” she says. OMG, we’re going to start crying all over again! Claudia is such an inspiration to us all!!

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